WHITNEY HOUSTON: don’t forget her. don’t fail to learn something from her.

Feb 13th, 2012 by Arnold Jago in Celebrities, Death, Entertainment, God, Music

Whitney Houston passed away on Saturday.

The Guinness Book of Records called her the most awarded female entertainer ever.

She sold 170 million albums, singles and videos.

But was her life happy?

She became addicted to drugs.

Her attempted comebacks were scorned by the very fans whose idolising had induced her to become what she became.

Who loved Whitney Houston for herself?

Did she end up with nowhere to turn?

We must pray for Whitney Houston’s soul.

* * *

Our culture of creating “celebrities” — and thus rendering them incapable of coping with real life — is cruel.

Also hypocritical . . . .

We know well that the worst sin of all is pride.

How impossible humility must be when people scream whenever you walk onstage etc.

* * *

If your child has the skills to become an “elite” performer at anything – especially music or sport – what a responsibility!

Teach that child, above anything else, to love and fear God.

To strive after perfection – perfect obedience, perfect truthfulness, perfect simplicity . . . .

And perfect detachment from desire for money, power and fame . . . .

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