WHAT WAS OUR CHRISTMAS ABOUT? was it about anything?

Dec 27th, 2013 by Arnold Jago in Uncategorized

“For most men . . . the things of sense . . . are the absolutely real world . . . .” **
Correct. Don’t we all want money, comfort, good health etc?
To make us feel good — pleasing our senses (taste, sight, hearing, smell and touch).
At Christmas, aren’t children groomed to expect gifts appealing to taste, sight, hearing, smell and touch?
Ask them what Christmas means. Presents will get a mention.
* * *
Adults may think fast enough to say their Christmas is about family, friends, making sure nobody is lonely etc.
Fewer associate Christmas with God.
Some go to church. Well done (if we go for the right reasons).
Thinking positive thoughts at home is no substitute for shared/community worship.
Or is it?
* * *
As he got older, British music-composer, John Tavener, became disillusioned with organised religion:
“My seven-hour vigil, The Veil of the Temple, is constructed like an Orthodox vigil, but within that structure it contains aspects of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism . . . it is my dream for it to be performed in a cathedral in Russia, just as it has been performed in Anglican Cathedrals in England.
“The way forward must now be Universalist . . . .”
* * *
The Veil of the Temple was written in 2003.
Yet in 2013, when saying, “The way forward must now be Universalist . . . .”
He didn’t stop there. He went on “. . . but we must always keep our Orthodox roots.”
Likewise Christmas is all kinds of things to all kinds of people everywhere.
But it must never lose its roots in the Person of Christ himself.

( ** Principles of Psychology, by American psychologist/author, William James, 1890)

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