THE MEANING OF LIFE . . . and the young Australian mind.

Sep 22nd, 2014 by Arnold Jago in Australia, Contemplation, Truth, Youth

One Sunday, little Gaga-Jo was going to the Zoo with Mummy and Daddy for a treat.

They told her that Grandpappy was coming, but he couldn’t be there until 11am.

When he arrived, Gaga-Jo asked, “Grandpappy, why couldn’t you come at the same time as us?”

Grandpappy, who had in fact been to Church, tried to think how best to explain . . . .

Well,” he said, “every Sunday morning I go to a special place to meet a Special Friend who means all the world to me.”

Oh Daddy,” said little G-J, “Can we go soon to that place and meet Grandpappy’s Special Friend?”

And Daddy replied . . . .

(Please take careful note of this reply because it, perhaps, sums up the Australian culture better than you’ll find it expressed anywhere else.)

Daddy said to Gaga-Jo, “Let’s go and look at the elephants.”


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