THE FUTURE, OR LACK OF IT, OF BELIEF: how trendy is atheism in your community, and in your head?

Jan 1st, 2017 by Arnold Jago in God

Last week a Times newspaper opinion poll found that only 28 percent of British people believe in God.
38 percent say there’s no God. The rest didn’t seem to know.
Countries vary.
African nations are mainly big believers. In one survey, the percentage of unbelievers in Nigeria was reported to be zero(!)
According to Cardinal Raymond Sarah (born in Guinea), Africans are determined to avoid the atheistic mentality observable in our secularised West.
He says, “As part of its identity, Africa is open to transcendence….The soul of Africa always opens towards God….Material concerns are always secondary….The African knows he is only a sojourner….”
It’s in his book “God or Nothing” (page 255).
The Cardinal is well aware of lots of problems in Africa — poverty, corruption, health care issues etc.
But he sees a reason for hope in Africa that he doesn’t see in the West.
Perhaps we Westerners need to eat some humble pie.

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