SUNDAY: Can we spare one day a week to do what matters most?

Mar 23rd, 2010 by Arnold Jago in Contemplation, Family, God, Lifestyle

The European Union’s first-ever Citizen Referendum will vote on whether Sunday be officially declared a day for family and rest.

Martin Kastler, 35-year old father of two, representing the Christian Social Union of Bavaria, a member of the ruling coalition in Germany, presented the petition to the European Parliament at Strasbourg last month, saying this initiative “will strengthen direct democracy in the European Union.”
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The Referendum’s online website, titled “Mum and Dad Belong to Us on Sunday” says:

“We need a work-free Sunday in all of Europe,
•  because children need a family day, which is protected as a day off-work
•  because this brings Europe forward on its way to become the most child-friendly region in the
world . . . .

•  because studies prove the positive health effects of the work-free free Sunday
•  because every person needs spare time — to relax, to be active in civil society, for hobbies and for religion
•  because the work-free Sunday is a part of the European cultural heritage.”

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Sunday, the day of the Sun, being the first day of the week, dates back to prehistoric Egyptian astrology.

The Jewish religion kept the seventh day holy (Saturday/the Sabbath).

For Christians, Sunday took the place of the Sabbath as the day set apart for public worship of God (the Lord’s Day), because it was the day of Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

The practice of meeting together on the first day of the week to celebrate the Eucharistic Sacrifice is mentioned in the New Testament in the Acts of the Apostles and elsewhere.

In the Didache, the injunction is given: “On the Lord’s Day, come together and break bread. Give thanks (offer the Eucharist), after confessing your sins, that your sacrifice may be pure”.

This became a central feature of European society, and has remained so.

* * *

Sunday needs to be rescued from becoming just another work day.

This European initiative is a good one.

Other countries like Australia should consider doing the same.

Sunday. God's gift to us. Let's give him back at least an hour.

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