SUICIDE: taboo or not taboo?

Jun 1st, 2014 by Arnold Jago in Death, God, Prayer

There was a time when suicide was considered so upsetting that people felt too uneasy to discuss it.

Which was understandable.

There was a time when suicides weren’t buried in the normal part of the graveyard.

Suicide was considered an act of defiance of God who has lovingly given us our life, and it never being right to throw away a loving gift.

Yet we know that many people committing suicide aren’t in full control of their reason and so not fully responsible.

Might the deeper, secret part of a person’s soul still believe in God and hope in God and love God — even while the surface part is driving them to an act of despair?

While suicide is a terrible mistake, we know that, whatever sin a person commits, if we regret and feel sorrow for our sin, God will pardon.

Only God sees and judges our hearts.

In our prayers it is right always to pray for the souls of the departed.

That is something we can do every day.



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