SPORT AND THORT: how it’s done in Australia

May 16th, 2016 by Arnold Jago in Australia, Lifestyle, sport, Youth

If you go to Sunday morning Mass you’ll find the streets fairly deserted.
Yet if you go past a sporting complex, the car park is already full.
And hundreds of children are running about hitting, kicking — and squabbling for possession of — some kind of ball.
They aren’t in Sunday School. Nor at Mass.
Little addicts.
Why not give them a ball each?
Then they could stay at home and spend the day looking at their ball — no need to squabble over it. (But of course their addiction is not to balls. They’re addicted to squabbling.)
They’re being groomed for a life of addictions — if they aren’t addicted, they might start to think.
Worse, they might question the premises on which conventional secular thinking-substitute is based.
Sleep on it.
More on this topic tomorrow.

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