SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY IS BACK: food for thought?

Feb 14th, 2016 by Arnold Jago in Celebrities, Family, God, Modern Church, Multiculturalism, Saints

The real Saint Valentine was a Catholic priest beheaded by Emperor Claudius in AD270 (traditionally on February 14) for refusing to worship the Roman pagan gods.

The historical details aren’t certain. The Church doesn’t consider it a major feast day.

Its popularity in western societies is maintained chiefly by commercial interests with chocolates, roses etc. to sell.

In Muslim-majority nations like Pakistan, St Valentine’s Day is condemned.

Understandably so, perhaps. Most Muslims probably want their young people to avoid modern western trends regarding romance etc.

Especially the west’s bizarre notions of “same-sex marriage”.

Anyway, world peace seems unobtainable until Muslims abandon their allegiance to their prophet who taught and practised violent tactics to gain converts.

But they aren’t likely to turn to Christianity while the allegedly Christian west belittles marriage and traditional family relationships.

The Pope has a big job if he is to show the world what Christianity is and why it’s what all mankind needs.

We who say we are Catholics need to set a better example of our observance of the Faith.

St Valentine’s Day being an obvious good time to get started.


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