SAINT MARY MACKILLOP: Australia’s first saint, ahead of her time?

Aug 8th, 2016 by Arnold Jago in Abortion, Australia, Education, Faith, Saints

Today is the official feast day of Mary MacKillop, Australia’s only home-grown saint, who died on 8 August 1909.
Saint MM provided basic education for thousands of children who otherwise would have received none.
Two things Mary MacKillop insisted on:
* to accept no financial help for her projects from the government.
* her staff to be unpaid, depending on their religious Order to cover their needs for food, clothing etc.
Today’s church honours Saint MM with their lips, but doesn’t copy her ways.
Government money is not only accepted but demanded.
Most Catholic school teachers belong to no religious Order, but they do belong to a union — and want pay and conditions equal to government teachers (more or less).
Government funding means government control.
e.g. Victoria’s Andrews government intends forcing Catholic schools to teach the respectability of anal sex, same-sex marriage etc.
Yes, Mary Mackillop was both way ahead of her time — yet also profoundly conservative and traditional.
She attended Mass every Sunday and every holy day — and insisted that her Sisters and her converts did the same.
She went to Confession regularly. Likewise her Sisters and converts.
She was pure and modest — she rescued Prostitutes from brothels, providing them refuges to live in until they found a better life.
Dear Mary MacKillop, Saint Mary of the Cross, pray for us that we might be faithful to Our Lord as you were.

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