PRIDE IN SPORT INDEX: might it do more harm than good?

Mar 19th, 2016 by Arnold Jago in Australia, Lifestyle, sport

The other day six Australian sporting codes signed up to the “Pride in Sport Index”. *

Namely: Australian Rugby Union, National Rugby League, Australian Football League, Football Federation of Australia, Cricket Australia, and Water Polo Australia.

This Index, published annually, will score organisations on the support they offer homosexual and “transgender” players, staff, and fans — thus “ranking their inclusivity”.

The Index notion follows a 2015 study which reported Australia having the highest number (13 percent) of gay men saying they were not “at all accepted” in sport — compared to Canada with 5 percent.

And nine out of 10 such young people saying they “could not be honest about their sexuality” fearing discrimination from coaches and officials.

Some people may welcome the Index scheme, as making it safer for this category of person to “be themselves” which is everybody’s “right”.

Think harder.

For example, shoplifters/arsonists/alcoholics must — for the sake of society and for their own betterment – please sacrifice their “right” to be “themselves”.

The problem with “Pride in Sport” is that it is, in fact, a form of pride.

Pride — the worst of all sins — and the basis of all other sins.


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