POPE FRANCIS, CLIMATE CHANGE-ISM AND GREED: revisited in a personal and communal justice perspective.

Jun 23rd, 2015 by Arnold Jago in Environment, Justice, Lifestyle, Modern Church

The Pope’s encyclical letter “Laudato Si” is about more than climate change.

In its over 40,000 words, the word “climate” gets 18 mentions.

Even then, climate change seems not to be his number one emphasis.

In paragraph 23, he says, “a number of scientific studies indicate that most global warming is due to human activity.”

He doesn’t over-state the case. A number of studies do indicate it. He would be aware that others don’t.

To the Pope, climate change is merely one symptom of a very terrible underlying disease.

That underlying disease is our greed.

He says we’ve all got it — even if often we’re unaware of it or too distracted to even think about it.

The Pope’s encyclical is a wake-up call which every one of us needs to read.



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