POLITICAL DEBATE IN AUSTRALIA: undergoing not-very-subtle change for the worse?

Sep 19th, 2016 by Arnold Jago in Australia, Lifestyle, Persecution, Politics

A private meeting of about 100 people to organise a “vote-no” campaign regarding the same-sex-marriage” plebiscite has been called off by the owners of the Sydney hotel conference room they had booked.
The hotel received so many online threats of violence from “marriage equality” advocates that they felt their staff and guests were in danger.
They had to close down their Facebook page.
It’s not known whether the threats included death threats.
Plenty of nations are ruled by groups who achieve their purposes by standover methods.
Is Australia becoming one of them?
What a pity. I had hoped we could do better than that.
(source: The Australian, 17-18 September)

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