MR MALCOLM TURNBULL IS NOW P.M.: urgent action required.

Sep 15th, 2015 by Arnold Jago in Australia, Politics, Sacraments

Now that Mr Turnbull is Australian Prime Minister, three things need to happen.

1. The National Party should renegotiate the “coalition”, making one of its requirements that Mr Turnbull be sacked and replaced by somebody with a more traditional mindset. Otherwise the Nationals should sit with the independents and hopefully ensure that the Turnbull Party will never govern.

2. The Catholic bishops of Australia should announce that its priests will no longer be available to perform “marriages”. They will gladly celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony for couples wishing to live as Catholics. But for Government-acknowledged “marriage” people will have to go elsewhere.

3. The Queen should refuse to recognise Mr Turnbull as Prime Minister. He wants a republic, let him have one — if the Australian public will stomach the idea.

These things need to happen today.

My bet is that none of them will ever happen.


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