MORE ABOUT AMORIS: is a pope allowed to be “judgmental”? is God allowed to be judgmental?

Apr 12th, 2016 by Arnold Jago in Faith, Forgiving, God, Lifestyle

Filipino boxer and MP, Manny Pacquiao, got in trouble with the media recently for mentioning that homosexuals, in view of the acts they typically perform, could be described as “worse than animals”.
He later apologised for upsetting people.
But he didn’t exactly apologise for the content of what he had said:
“The problem is they cut my interview . . . the interview is about 5-10 minutes, but they cut it short.
“I explained it properly, that who am I to condemn or discriminate against other people? I’m also human, I’m also a sinner, so who am I to condemn other people?
“But what I’m telling is the truth, and what I am condemning is the act, that’s what I am explaining, the act.”
If the Pope is to lead the Church aright, he must judge people’s wrong lifestyles.
He must tell them that God hates what they do.
He must also find ways to reassure them that God loves them more than they can imagine, and that their sins are forgivable.

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