MAKING AUSTRALIA GREAT AGAIN? good idea, but how to do it?

Jan 17th, 2017 by Arnold Jago in Australia, Celebrities, Politics

Donald Trump was elected largely on the strength of promising to “make America great again”.
Probably no Australian leader could say that and be taken seriously.
Pauline Hanson? But will she ever assemble a team that doesn’t promptly self-destruct?
Perhaps ex-Prime Minister Abbott had what it takes. But will he get another chance?
Eric Abetz, Kevin Andrews, Barnaby Joyce…they’ve shown they can cope with ministerial responsibilities, but….
Cory Bernardi? Noel Pearson? Bernard Gaynor? All long shots.
Anybody in the world of sport setting a heroic example to inspire the nation?
Neither David Warner nor Destanee Aiava would probably want the role.
There should be somebody suitable in the Church.
If there is, we’ll probably never hear of him/her.
Seems it’s up to us nobodies to just live by what we know is right and offer God our services to at least help make our own family and neighbourhood great.

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