LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED? but what actually is it?

Nov 16th, 2012 by Arnold Jago in Uncategorized

The most misused word in the English language must be “love”.
We “love” our favourite sport or entertainment celebrity.
We “love” ice cream.
We justify adultery/fornication etc. because we’re in “love”.
All that sounds false.
Spanish mystic, Saint John of the Cross, got it right:
“Love consists, not of feeling great things, but in having great detachment and in suffering for the Beloved.”
“Detachment” is willingness to give up anything for the good of the loved one — whether we feel like it or not.
* * *
In the highest sense of the word, it is only God whom we can love.
God is infinitely worthy to be loved.
The truest love we can have for another human is to love him/her as part of our love towards God.
Each fellow-human is God’s child — infinitely meriting love for that reason.
If that is our motive, our love will not fail.
Loving somebody because he/she happens to appeal to us is fake love — the novelty could wear off anytime.

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