K. RUDD, TV EVANGELIST: a promising same-sex marriage enthusiast, not a promising logician.

Sep 4th, 2013 by Arnold Jago in Australia, Family, Lifestyle, Politics

Last night on ABC-TV, Prime Minster Kevin Rudd was applauded for claiming that same-sex “marriage” is compatible with Christian thought.
Based on two assumptions:
* that homosexuality is not abnormal because some people can’t help it. “They are gay if they are born gay,” he said.
Which is not factually correct. It’s far from being that simple.
* having hopefully got away with that dubious generalisation, Mr Rudd steered further off track.
“What is the fundamental principle of the New Testament…Loving your fellow man,” he said.
Well yes. But if, in fact, homosexuality is a disorder, the way to show a man love is to warn him of his problem and guide him towards a better way.
* * *
Mr Rudd trivialised the Bible – using it to switch the topic onto slavery(!)
I suppose Mr Rudd’s questioner had more or less invited such distortion — by quoting the Bible at a stage of the argument before quoting could help.
Issues requiring logical thought can’t really be debated on television.
It might be possible on radio – if you could be confident there was no biased editing/deleting etc. going on.

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