HAVING A GOOD CHRISTMAS: back to basics.

Dec 22nd, 2014 by Arnold Jago in Common Sense, Family, Forgiving, Happiness, Jesus

Every week doesn’t it get worse — the media full of terrible and frightening events?

But this week, let’s focus on something good.

Think back to the life and death of that Jewish baby born on the first Christmas Day.

In that stable where Jesus Christ first saw light of day there were no high-tech toys. Yet there was joy.

His “swaddling clothes” carried no designer-labels. But there was contentment.

No feast, no pudding. Yet there was satisfaction.

No real security or safety. But, miraculously, there was faith.

The Christmas miracle is that God is generous and God is love.

This week, as we gather as families, please share love.

If there are chips on shoulders, forgive.

Offer God our future.

That way, however seemingly bad the news, God will give us loving hearts to work together for a better world.


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