HAPPINESS: how to achieve it? does it matter? have we got it all wrong?

Sep 9th, 2016 by Arnold Jago in Happiness, Lifestyle, Multiculturalism

I read yesterday that Denmark is the world’s happiest nation. This, despite a relatively high suicide rate.
A while ago I read that Costa Rica is the happiest. Despite abortion not being legal there.
Is being “happy” important?
Interestingly, Jesus Christ taught at length about happiness. So he considered it important.
Jesus didn’t teach in English. The word repeated so often in Matthew’s Gospel chapter 5 (and in Luke chapter 6) is translated as “happy” in modern Bibles, but as “blessed” in older Bibles.
Anyway, he listed eight groups of “happy” people:
1. the poor
2. the meek
3. those who mourn
4. the hungry
5. the merciful
6. the pure
7. peacemakers
8. the persecuted
Some of those could be surprises.
You’d think them the people most likely to be sorry for themselves.
If he is right, many of us should perhaps be living differently.

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