GOOD READING FOR 2016: the innermost inside story of Saint Mary MacKillop.

Jan 29th, 2016 by Arnold Jago in Australia, Celebrities, History, Saints, Women

After quite a while, I’ve been re-reading the letters of Saint Mary MacKillop.

It’s like re-meeting a good friend from the past.

Reading what Saint M wrote privately to friends and associates reveals what made her tick better than anything others have written about her.

Many of those other books are propaganda/caricatures — super-counterproductive must-avoids.

Mary MacKillop’s letters are published in several volumes.

For example, the first in the series can be got at:

In my opinion anybody reading them will end up a better person.

I hope it works out that way in my case.

Please, dear reader, consider having a look at them for yourself.


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