FUNDAMENTALISM IS OFTEN DANGEROUS BAD NEWS: can it be overcome by means of modern rational thought?

Jul 27th, 2015 by Arnold Jago in Common Sense, Faith, Science, Truth

Today if you’re called a “fundamentalist”, somebody is probably trying to insult you.

The word “fundamentalist” was invented 100 years ago by conservative protestants who claimed that non-fundamentalists over-estimated the “rational” basis of religion.

They proclaimed three “fundamentals”, which (Latin-ised) were: Sola scriptura (“Scripture alone”), Sola fide (“Faith alone”) and Sola gratia (“Grace alone”).

Any religion based on anything “alone” sounds a bit sus – as though you’re being called on to swallow somebody’s ideas un-thinkingly.

OK. But isn’t today’s worst fundamentalism the one preaching “Sola scientia”?

Everywhere people say it with a straight face: “The only way to truth is through science”.

I heard it yet again on last Saturday’s ABC radio “Science Show”.

This creed isn’t based on common sense. It certainly can’t be proved scientifically.

Here’s one scientist who seems not to have fallen for scientismistico-fundo notions:

You needn’t accept every word he says. But isn’t he at least asking the right questions?


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