CREATIONISM MAKING A COMEBACK? should we laugh or cry?

Oct 3rd, 2016 by Arnold Jago in Common Sense, Education, Science

The October 2016 issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN includes an article titled “Creationism Invades Europe”.
It seems that Evolution is being dis-believed in by increasing numbers of people thanks, perhaps, to the way creationists have used new media
The writers complain that, “Even if people claim to accept Evolution, they tend to interpret evolutionary processes in intuitive but scientifically incorrect ways.
“We need to do more to make people understand what we know about the fundamental processes of life on Earth.”
To which Socrates would have replied, “What is science?” “What is Evolution?” “What are these fundamental processes?”
The answers from many science experts might be — if boiled down into intelligible English — that science is atheism.
We don’t really know what Evolution is — or whether it’s a myth. Although we do know enough to know that atheism is nonsense.
The fact that we can say we “need to do more to make people understand”, shows that we have some free choice about what we decide to teach.
If we have free choice, we know it wasn’t given to us by un-free subhuman primate ancestors.
And it didn’t come step-wise. There can be no such steps: Either one is free or one is not free.
Freedom during pre-history came to rational beings in a single step — bestowed by an outside agency with the power to do so.
Is that “creationism”?
Call it what you like. But it’s not atheism.

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