COAL, LIVING STANDARDS, BEING HUMAN: asking the right questions.

Oct 29th, 2016 by Arnold Jago in Australia, Common Sense, Environment, Lifestyle, Politics

Should we continue mining coal to keep power costs down and so protect our standard of living?
Or should we stop mining coal to safeguard the environment and so protect our standard of living?
What does “standard of living” mean anyway?
What is “living” for?
What are human beings for?
What does — and what doesn’t — constitute “being human”?
Are there things we should never do — even if we could get away with them while staying rich and enjoying a nice environment?
Our would-be leaders talk forever about money and environment — seldom about basic morals (courage, generosity, loyalty, forgiveness, self-control etc.)
They think we don’t care about basic morals.
Do we?
Are the young people in our families being taught sub-human standards of morality via school, internet and peers?
Can we summon up the energy to find out and perhaps do something?

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