CHRISTMAS IS COMING: Oh my Lord, your very Self you gave us . . . .

Dec 23rd, 2012 by Arnold Jago in Contemplation, God, History, Mother of Jesus, Truth

Today is the last (fourth) Sunday in Advent.
During the Advent season, believers long for the coming of Christ.
Whereas Advent is the season of “absence of Jesus”, Christmas is the season of joy in our possession of the Saviour.
Jesus, as God, begotten of the substance of the Father before all ages — and born of the substance of His Mother in the world — is given to us.
* * *
By the union of our souls with Jesus, born to human life, we are born to the divine life.
Or to put it another way, as per Boney M:
“Hark now hear the angels sing
a King was born today
and man will live for evermore because of Christmas Day.”
Watch them at:
Forgive Bobby F: his restless legs syndrome was bad that day.
* * *
Oh my Lord
you send your son to save us
Oh my Lord
your very self you gave us
Oh my Lord
that sin may not enslave us
and love may reign once more . . . .

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