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SENATOR LEYONHJELM AND CHILD CARE FUNDING: how to stop getting it wrong.

by Arnold Jago in Family, Health, Lifestyle, Money, Women

Senator David Leyonhjelm is under criticism for suggesting that child-care workers are over-trained — and perhaps over-funded.
Here’s a different idea.
Children might be best off with institutional child-care defunded to the point of not existing.
Who would then look after the children? Perhaps their mothers.
If the mother and father were married, could the father’s work support them all — mum staying at home doing full-time mothering?
Father’s taxes — which in the past were funding non-parental child-care — could contribute to an allowance given direct to home-mothering couples.
The mother could probably breast-feed her children.
Children enjoy that — they thrive on parental “warmth”.

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CULTURES AND GOOD BEHAVIOUR: we all seem to have a lot to learn.

by Arnold Jago in Abortion, Australia, Common Sense, Lifestyle, Women

Feiz Muhammad is at it again.
This Sydney-born Muslim propagandist — who once encouraged supporters to behead Dutch politician Geert Wilders — last week told followers never to attend non-Muslim gatherings:
“Any festivity or celebration built on other than Islam is prohibited.”
His version of Allah seems very unlike the “fatherly” God taught by Jesus Christ.
Feiz claims that raped women have nobody to blame but themselves — describing skimpy and see-through attire as inviting men to “use them as commodities”.
Naturally Feiz gets a bad press. Yet what he’s saying is at least partly true.
The victims aren’t the only ones at fault, but everyone knows it would help if they covered up a bit.
We all need to be encouraged, educated, threatened – whatever it takes — to eliminate both indecent exposure and impure thoughts and to encourage modesty and purity.


FORGIVENESS FOR ABORTION: the pope’s position gets a mixture of boos and hoorays.

by Arnold Jago in crime, Death, Family, Forgiving, Modern Church, Women

As from now the Pope says that all priests are able to give absolution (forgiveness) to persons involved in abortion.
Previously only certain priests had that authority.
He makes it clear that abortion was, is, and always will be, a grave sin.
But he’s trying to be a bit merciful in the way that grave sin is dealt with.
Anyway, let’s hope he wasn’t hoping to be thanked by the progressive types, including self-styled feminists.
For example, a lady journalist of the Sydney Morning Herald (22 November 2016) uses the headline “Women don’t need Pope Francis’ forgiveness for having abortions”.
But do they need God’s forgiveness?
That is the point.


CHILDREN’S MENTAL HEALTH: factors that might help (e.g. “warm parenting”)

by Arnold Jago in Abortion, Australia, Family, Lifestyle, Science, Women, Youth

A new study by University of South Australia’s Centre for Population Health Research says one-fifth of Australian children are at serious risk of adult mental illness.
One factor identified being that one in three pre-teen children experience “low warmth” parenting.
“Warmth” as in, for example, a parent hugging their child for no reason.
Spokeswoman Professor Leonie Segal says, “We’re saying a lot of these things are inter-generational and if we don’t put the resources in the right places they won’t go away.”
And she says we need “earlier and more intensive intervention programs”.
Ouch. That sounds like more social workers.
Be warned.
Perhaps all this isn’t as complicated as the academics make out.
A couple of simple thoughts:
You can’t be warm to your child if you aren’t there.
You can’t even hug them if you aren’t there.
Step one in making children’s lives better has got to be a move towards more mothers staying at home with their children
And closing down more child care centres.


DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: why the royal commission was a disgrace and a waste of time and space, which is a pity because it’s a serious problem, best not trivialised.

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Common Sense, Family, Politics, Truth, Women

The Royal Commission into Family Violence reminds us that domestic violence is bad — and that men shouldn’t hit women.
OK, but why no emphasis on female-initiated violence?
If a man is slapped, belittled, spat upon, given the silence treatment, lied about — where can he turn?
No bruises, lacerations etc. to show.
If he suicides, the statistic won’t be acknowledged as resulting from female domestic abuse.
As a doctor, I’ve come across this only too often.
If you doubt it, ask your own GP.
Most suicides are males. A leading cause of male suicide is “relationship problems”.
Everyone knows it.
You just aren’t allowed to mention it.
If it’s never mentioned, nothing will be done about it.


SAVING LIVES IN AUSTRALIA: an attempt to curb on-going massacre

by Arnold Jago in Abortion, Australia, Death, Ethics, Politics, Women

Victorian Member of Parliament, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins, has presented a bill entitled the “Infant Viability Bill”.
This Bill’s recommendations include that abortions be no longer legal in Victoria after the 20th week of pregnancy.
And that all infants born alive from the 20th week onwards must be cared for with the intent to save the infant’s life.
Penalties are to be introduced for physicians and medical facilities breaching these new laws.
Mothers will not be criminalised or face any penalties.
More details available online at: