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SURROGATE MOTHERHOOD: an important moral issue.

by Arnold Jago in Uncategorized

The media are telling that would-be US president, Mitt Romney, has two young twin grandchildren.

Romney’s son, Tagg, now has three children from the same surrogate mother.

He posted on Facebook: “special thanks to our gestational surrogate who made this possible for us. Life truly is a miracle, and we feel so blessed . . . .

Mitt Romney is said to be opposed to abortion, the morning-after pill and embryonic stem cell research — but never says much about surrogacy.

* * *

Isn’t surrogate motherhood always wrong?

* contrary to proper respect for the creation of a new human being and for the sanctity of marriage.

* dependent on In Vitro Fertilisation, a technology where embryos always end up discarded — unique, unreplaceable, genetically-complete human individuals.

* surrogate pregnancies often turn into human tragedies — birth mothers unable to relinquish the baby without pain and grief.

* surrogacy dumps the child, without his/her consent, into complex, unnatural relationships.  Who knows what confusion and resentments may result?  Do we care?

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AN ACT OF BRAVERY: do unto others . . . .

by Arnold Jago in Uncategorized

Last Monday, a worker in New Jersey, USA, jumped into a vat of nitric acid to save a co-worker who had fallen into the tank.

Rob Nuckols watched as his colleague, Martin Davis, plunged through a roof and into the vat of diluted (40 to 70 percent) acid and became fully submerged.

The nitric acid solution is used for cleaning metal tubing.

Nuckols jumped into the vat and was waist-deep while he and three others pulled Davis out.

Davis is said to be in a critical condition with a punctured lung, and chemical burns.

Nuckols is being treated for chemical burns on his legs and abdomen.

* * *

He is a brave man.

Would you have jumped into a vat of acid to save somebody?

Would I?

I hope I would.

It’s nice to hear some good news for a change.


MILNE’S “NEW” AUSTRALIAN GREENS’ PARTY: more of the same, only more so?

by Arnold Jago in Uncategorized

With Bob Brown quitting, the new leader of the Australia “Greens Party”, Senator Christine Milne, hopes to create an image of a “new” Greens Party.

She talks about creating a new support base among rural Australians – the basis, it seems, being a shared hatred for the “vested interests” of the big industries of the resource-based economy.

Especially coal mines.

But the Milne prudently promises nothing new about her party’s on-going support for the minority Gillard government.

If she organised the demise of that government she might experience voters refusing to vote for her — and a rapid decline into non-existence

* * *

Milne-style fixated contempt for mining companies may go down well in some circles — but in the real world runs the risk of being exposed as undergraduate-style trendyism.

With the slightly fatherly figure of Senator Brown gone, voters will look harder at what the Greens really stand for.

That will be the end of them.

They stand for (i) big government, (ii) annihilation of the traditional family and traditional religion and (iii) ignoring the supreme need of children for having loving and loyal parents.


CHRISTINE FORSTER, TONY ABBOTT AND HOMOSEXUAL “MARRIAGE”: loyalties and priorities to weigh up.

by Arnold Jago in Family, Jesus, Lifestyle, Politics, Uncategorized

The media has  revealed that Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott’s sister, Christine Forster, is living in a homosexual relationship with another woman.

Hoping, perhaps, that this disclosure might cause Mr Abbott to reverse his opposition to homosexual “marriage”?

No such luck.

Mr Abbott responded graciously, affirming that, (i) he and his sister are on good terms and (ii) that they differ about this supremely important subject and (iii) he will not break his pre-election commitment to retain the normal definition of marriage as party policy.

* * *

We haven’t been told why C. Forster isn’t looking after her four children.

Not our business, you say?

But it is our business. The lady has chosen to thrust her lifestyle in our faces – making it a legitimate topic for public scrutiny.

* * *

Our cultural heritage makes it impossible to condone her lifestyle.

Our civilisation is founded on the teaching that, “At the beginning the Creator made them male and female, and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’”

Words of Jesus Christ.

They are quite unambiguous.



by Arnold Jago in Uncategorized

Two weeks ago, John Hutt, a logger in Colorado, USA, cut off his own toes to free himself after his foot was pinned under a trailer.

It hurt so badly,” he said, “I would cut for a while and then I had to rest.”

With the toes severed, he drove his truck until within mobile range and called for an ambulance.

It’s hard to imagine being able to make yourself do that . . . .

But if the alternative was starving to death — or being eaten alive by the local feral cats, rats etc . . . .

* * *

With that kind of motivation, one might manage to do it.

People lacking the mental fortitude to stop smoking sometimes surprise themselves when their doctor says they’ve had a heart attack and the next one might be fatal.

Supposing you were an immortal soul, created by God for the purpose of obeying him here on earth, and thus coming to dwell with him forever in heaven . . . .

The alternative being eternal punishment, caused by one’s unwillingness to cut oneself free from sin.

* * *

Words of Jesus Christ (Saint Matthew’s gospel, chapter 5):

You have heard it said, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and throw it away . . . if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away.

Better to lose one of your limbs, than for your whole body go to hell.”

Jesus was severe about sexual sin — his words deliberately harsh and realistic.

Fighting against temptation is no walk in the park.

God demands absolute obedience.

Breaking free from sin. It is possible. Supernatural help is available.


EUTHANASIA ON DEMAND WITH NO SAFEGUARDS: South Australia pioneers anti-democratic, anti-life politics.

by Arnold Jago in Uncategorized

Earlier this year the South Australian lower house of the parliament voted in favour of a bill to legalise euthanasia.

A bill introduced by Labor MP, Stephanie Key.

It’s the worst bill imaginable — bizarre and subhuman.

Stephanie is 56 years old now – old enough surely to have had time to think a bit harder about real life.

She has a university degree in Sociology. That may be part of her problem.

* * *

This euthanasia bill virtually amounts to any doctor being able to kill any patient any time he gets the urge.

There is no panel to which he must refer before doing it.

He doesn’t have to get the opinion of another doctor, even a tame one.

He need not have the patient checked for depressive illness by a psychologist.

He doesn’t have to give the patient a cooling-off period to review his/her options

* * *

To quote ex-New South Wales MP, Dr Peter Wong:

People expressing a wish to die “in more than 90 percent of cases . . . have mental health problems ranging from depression to panic disorder . . . .”

Requests to be assisted to die are in many cases “an attempt to see if anybody cares . . . a cry for help.”

That is what people like Stephanie Key don’t seem to realise.

The principles of Palliative Care need to be explained better to the public.

Euthanasia is not necessary.

Euthanasia is wrong.

Stephanie Key. Labor politician. Advocate of euthanasia.