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GOOD FRIDAY: over for 2017, what was it all about?

by Arnold Jago in Abortion, Australia, Beauty, Entertainment, God, Lifestyle, sport

Last week, some (Fairfax) newspapers carried an article about “how Good Friday in Australia compares to the rest of the world”.
Saying that, “Good Friday just got slightly more lively in Australia”…referring to the (yawn) AFL football match.
What could be more un-lively than large sweaty men brawling for possession of a ball?
And that, “still the quietest day of the year…Good Friday is no big deal”.
Incorrect. Quietness is a very big deal – a scarce commodity, worth cherishing where it survives.
Quiet minds become full of thoughts – about life, about purpose, about meaning, about God….
Yet, mostly, don’t we avoid quiet, preferring distractions — about food, about feeling good, about kidding ourselves we look good…?

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GOOD FRIDAY FOOTBALL: another brain-damaging, soul-destroying, dumbing-down distraction.

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Entertainment, Faith, Lifestyle, sport

Something new in 2017 — AFL football on Good Friday, the holiest day of the Christian year.
It’s disappointing.
Because it’s another case of the Christian faith being desecrated?
Not just that — Christians can get used to that.
But for everybody it’s a worry that with so many dilemmas in today’s world — violence, poverty, sexual deviations, disintegrating families, freedom of speech threatened, sacredness-of-life issues etc….
Issues with an ethical/moral/spiritual basis – we never seem to find time to think about them properly.
We don’t help ourselves by frittering away with endless sporting extravaganzas all days traditionally set aside to reflect on fundamentals.
A missed opportunity.


AUSTRALIAN WOMEN’S FOOTBALL: money-spinner for somebody, otherwise bad news?

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Common Sense, sport, Women

Hundreds of Australian Women’s AFL football teams!
Hundreds of thousands of dollars funding female-friendly (not unisex after all) change-rooms and showers!
Have we all gone mad?
Traditionally most cultures had understandings about modesty — affecting how we (especially women) dress and behave.
Many sports, as played today, are incompatible with the true feminine spirit — including football, some swimming and track events, acrobatics etc.– self-exposure, plus often immodest positions and posturings….
These girls are to be pitied — receiving no serious moral guidance.
This problem had its beginnings last century.
Pope Pius XII (who died in 1958) said:
“Many women have forgotten Christian modesty… they give in to the tyranny of fashion…dresses which …seem designed to emphasize what they should rather conceal…a kind of exhibitionism….”
As rational creatures, given thinking-power by God, can we reason out that for our fulfillment as human beings, certain sports are simply not suitable?


THE RIO DE JANEIRO OLYMPIC GAMES: what can we learn from Usain Bolt and friends?

by Arnold Jago in Celebrities, sport, Truth, Youth

The skyline of Rio de Janeiro is dominated by a 38-metre statue of Christ the Redeemer.
But in the people’s heads, haven’t sporting idols like Usain Bolt replaced respect for Christ the Redeemer as top focus?
Usain Bolt himself seems to be trying to do the right thing.
He makes the sign of the Cross before races. He makes an effort to keep things in perspective.
Bolt has been quoted saying:
“I want to thank God for everything he has done for me. Without him none of this would be possible…. I was always brought up to believe in God and to behave in certain ways. That’s what my parents taught me and I always trust my parents. They have great values….”
In recent times, haven’t sporting values mostly been not so great?
Cheating, publicity-seeking, gambling and sponsorship-money dominate media sport coverage.
Every Sunday, don’t we all see thousands of Australian children at our sporting ovals, dissipating their energy on sport, getting frustrated, feeling the pressure to win, win, win….
If parents took these young people to church or Sunday school to get some serious teaching as to what life is really about, perhaps the world would be better — they might become fulfilled human beings.
Don’t they need at least one day a week free to clear out of their heads the wall-to-wall secularism fed them by our secular education system and secular media?


ARE YOU BEING WEAKENED? put an end to it on the weekend.

by Arnold Jago in Family, Lifestyle, sport, Truth, Youth

You could say our society operates by making people addicted — destroying their ability to distinguish right from wrong – while in the process making somebody rich.
Once you get the idea, you see it everywhere.
Trends, not only in sport, but also in politics, foods, entertainment, clothing, hobbies, the words we choose – all are potentially addicting us.
Can the children in your family escape this entrapment?
Next weekend, give the sport etc. a rest — take them to Mass.
Explain to them why they are there — otherwise they might never know. Some so-called religion comes with built-in distractions.
Right and wrong are different — utterly different.
But the difference is inexplicable unless we realise it all has to do with God.
Without him we can do nothing.
Without God we can merely go through various motions, that’s all.


SPORT AND THORT: how it’s done in Australia

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Lifestyle, sport, Youth

If you go to Sunday morning Mass you’ll find the streets fairly deserted.
Yet if you go past a sporting complex, the car park is already full.
And hundreds of children are running about hitting, kicking — and squabbling for possession of — some kind of ball.
They aren’t in Sunday School. Nor at Mass.
Little addicts.
Why not give them a ball each?
Then they could stay at home and spend the day looking at their ball — no need to squabble over it. (But of course their addiction is not to balls. They’re addicted to squabbling.)
They’re being groomed for a life of addictions — if they aren’t addicted, they might start to think.
Worse, they might question the premises on which conventional secular thinking-substitute is based.
Sleep on it.
More on this topic tomorrow.