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MOTHER TERESA OF CALCUTTA: now a saint of the church

by Arnold Jago in Celebrities, Faith, God, History, Modern Church, Saints

More Australians than usual attended church last Sunday.
Many celebrated the canonisation of Mother Teresa of Calcutta – now officially known as “Saint Teresa”.
Mother Teresa is respected by Catholics and non-Catholics for her love of the “poorest of the poor”.
There are knockers of course.
Atheist writer, Christopher Hitchens, called her a “thieving, fanatical Albanian dwarf” – mainly because she opposed abortion.
I liked the comment of a fellow-writer comparing Hitchens with Mother Teresa: “If you were sitting in the gutter in rags in Calcutta, which would be the more likely to give you a bowl of soup?”
Yes, we need more Mother Teresa’s in this world.

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SAINT MARY MACKILLOP: Australia’s first saint, ahead of her time?

by Arnold Jago in Abortion, Australia, Education, Faith, Saints

Today is the official feast day of Mary MacKillop, Australia’s only home-grown saint, who died on 8 August 1909.
Saint MM provided basic education for thousands of children who otherwise would have received none.
Two things Mary MacKillop insisted on:
* to accept no financial help for her projects from the government.
* her staff to be unpaid, depending on their religious Order to cover their needs for food, clothing etc.
Today’s church honours Saint MM with their lips, but doesn’t copy her ways.
Government money is not only accepted but demanded.
Most Catholic school teachers belong to no religious Order, but they do belong to a union — and want pay and conditions equal to government teachers (more or less).
Government funding means government control.
e.g. Victoria’s Andrews government intends forcing Catholic schools to teach the respectability of anal sex, same-sex marriage etc.
Yes, Mary Mackillop was both way ahead of her time — yet also profoundly conservative and traditional.
She attended Mass every Sunday and every holy day — and insisted that her Sisters and her converts did the same.
She went to Confession regularly. Likewise her Sisters and converts.
She was pure and modest — she rescued Prostitutes from brothels, providing them refuges to live in until they found a better life.
Dear Mary MacKillop, Saint Mary of the Cross, pray for us that we might be faithful to Our Lord as you were.


MOTHER TERESA: is there any point in making her a saint?

by Arnold Jago in Celebrities, Faith, Modern Church, Saints

Mother Teresa of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India, will be, from March 15, 2016, a Catholic Saint.
Some people criticise the canonisation process because it costs about $750,000 per saint.
Others dislike Mother T., because of her opposition to abortion.
Some consider her un-Catholic because of her implying at times that one religion is pretty much as good as another:
“I’ve always said we should help a Hindu become a better Hindu, a Muslim become a better Muslim, a Catholic become a better Catholic . . . .” (Jesus himself having said the opposite, “Go, teach all nations, baptising them in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.”)
Anyway, Mother Teresa was, for 20 years, an unknown schoolteacher-nun — then, for most of the next 40 years, Superior of a little-known order helping the poor and dying.
Once a reporter asked her whether she considered herself a saint.
Teresa replied that it’s open to anyone to be holy – even a journalist!
Thank God for this saintly lady.
Ask yourself, might you be capable of being a bit more holy.
Why not?


SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY IS BACK: food for thought?

by Arnold Jago in Celebrities, Family, God, Modern Church, Multiculturalism, Saints

The real Saint Valentine was a Catholic priest beheaded by Emperor Claudius in AD270 (traditionally on February 14) for refusing to worship the Roman pagan gods.

The historical details aren’t certain. The Church doesn’t consider it a major feast day.

Its popularity in western societies is maintained chiefly by commercial interests with chocolates, roses etc. to sell.

In Muslim-majority nations like Pakistan, St Valentine’s Day is condemned.

Understandably so, perhaps. Most Muslims probably want their young people to avoid modern western trends regarding romance etc.

Especially the west’s bizarre notions of “same-sex marriage”.

Anyway, world peace seems unobtainable until Muslims abandon their allegiance to their prophet who taught and practised violent tactics to gain converts.

But they aren’t likely to turn to Christianity while the allegedly Christian west belittles marriage and traditional family relationships.

The Pope has a big job if he is to show the world what Christianity is and why it’s what all mankind needs.

We who say we are Catholics need to set a better example of our observance of the Faith.

St Valentine’s Day being an obvious good time to get started.



GOOD READING FOR 2016: the innermost inside story of Saint Mary MacKillop.

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Celebrities, History, Saints, Women

After quite a while, I’ve been re-reading the letters of Saint Mary MacKillop.

It’s like re-meeting a good friend from the past.

Reading what Saint M wrote privately to friends and associates reveals what made her tick better than anything others have written about her.

Many of those other books are propaganda/caricatures — super-counterproductive must-avoids.

Mary MacKillop’s letters are published in several volumes.

For example, the first in the series can be got at:


In my opinion anybody reading them will end up a better person.

I hope it works out that way in my case.

Please, dear reader, consider having a look at them for yourself.



A BETTER FUTURE? it might get worse first.

by Arnold Jago in Faith, God, Politics, Saints


Whatever else you do today, I ask you to take 5 minutes to look at the video-clip at this site:


Please watch it.