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AUSTRALIA’S MILITARY DEEPLY INTO POLITICS OF THE “PROGRESSIVE” KIND: what are we progressing towards? ask bernard gaynor.

by Arnold Jago in Abortion, Australia, Beauty, Justice, Lifestyle, Persecution, Politics

Australia’s military has rules forbidding its members from appearing in uniform – whether in person or in pictures — in any political context.
Andrew Hastie MP has refused to remove a picture of himself in uniform from electoral material and is now sacked from the Army Reserve.
So, is it a good rule?
There is some point to it, perhaps — but only if it is applied consistently.
Remember when Major Bernard Gaynor complained in 2013 about the Army inconsistently permitting officers in uniform to march in the very political Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras?
His arguments were ignored and he himself was ejected from the military.
His comment: “I am staggered by their hypocrisy.”
A bit of an understatement?
(more details at http://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2016/05/bernard-gaynor-a-true-champion-of-free-speech-and-freedom-from-oppression-explains-his-court-battle.html)

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THE GREENS PARTY: declaring war, not in defence of the environment, but in defence of authoritarianism.

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Education, Environment, Faith, Family, Persecution

The Greens Party has – not one – but two spokespersons dedicated to removing the rights of people trying to live by traditional religious teachings.
There’s a man called the “LGBTI equality spokesman” and a woman called the “gender identity spokeswoman”.
The man told the Guardian (17 May 2016) that “we shouldn’t be giving religious organisations a get-out-of-jail-free card and the right to discriminate”.
In English that means “we shouldn’t be giving religious organisations a get-out-of-jail-free card and the right to practise their religion”.
This man says parents won’t be asked for their permission before teaching their children that sexual/moral behaviours contrary to the family’s religion are OK.
His justification isn’t based on justice or reason but on name-calling.
Some homes, he says, are a “homophobic” environment.


FREEDOM OF SPEECH: has it reached Tasmania already?

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Family, Modern Church, Persecution, Politics

An anti-discrimination complaint by Martine Delaney — a Tasmanian citizen identifying as trans-gender — against Hobart’s Archbishop Julian Porteous, was recently withdrawn.
The archbishop had been distributing a booklet called “Don’t Mess with Marriage”, published by the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, explaining Catholic teaching on marriage and concerned that legally recognising same-sex “marriage” would reinforce the “right” of such couples to adopt children.
Giving such children no opportunity to bond with a mother and a father – a situation best avoided if possible.
Delaney said that, conciliation arranged by Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner having failed, the next step, a tribunal hearing, would be too “long and drawn out”.
So Australia’s bishops are now free to distribute the booklet.
However, some bishops, more wishy-washy than Archbishop Porteous, weren’t distributing it anyway, despite its official status.
Delaney may feel pleased that the cause of shutting the Church up is succeeding, despite its obligation to speak out.
The Second Vatican Council insisted that, although the Church’s role is religious, not political, nevertheless out of its religious role comes “a function, a light and an energy which can serve to structure and consolidate the human community according to the divine law”. (GS, 42)
Archbishop Porteous was doing his job. All the bishops should do likewise.



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In the war in Syria, Christians and other religious minorities — as opposed to the Muslim majority — are the most persecuted groups.
Such minorities should be able to worship as they choose without fearing for their lives — and without paying unjust taxes for so-called “infidels”.
Migrating to Australia would provide them a safe haven — and would supply Australia with a group of immigrants very unlikely to become “radicalised”
Under ex-PM Tony Abbott’s leadership, giving persecuted Christians and other minorities special assistance was government policy.
Good reasons why Malcolm Turnbull’s administration should return to this policy too.


CARDINAL GEORGE PELL: what do you think? perhaps one could think again?

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Justice, Media, Persecution

Is Cardinal Pell something of a hero — showing, at times, the patience of a saint?
Labelled as a coward and scum by a singer — and by the Royal Commission’s lawyer, Gail Furness, as a liar (she used the word “implausible”) – the Cardinal has refrained from calling them anything.
For decades he has endured disrespect from persons on the Church payroll for not being cowardly enough to adopt their party lines on education, seminary discipline etc.
In 1996, on becoming Archbishop, he started the “Melbourne Response” — free counselling plus capped compensation payments for child abuse victims — well before the other Bishops began the national “Towards Healing” program.
We all know that Cardinal Pell didn’t get everything right — and he has to wear that.
But perhaps he’s a better man than some of his critics.
We can’t really know that for sure. As he would probably say, “Only God knows.”


CARDINAL GEORGE PELL: what has he done/not done? some people don’t want their story spoiled by facts.

by Arnold Jago in Abortion, Australia, crime, Justice, Modern Church, Persecution

Ex-police officer, Denis Ryan’s book “Unholy Trinity” describes how, in the 1970s, paedophile priests like John Day and Gerald Ridsdale were protected by a “Catholic Mafia”.
This “Mafia” being a group of police officers committed to ensuring that abuse claims against priests never got investigated.
Now, in 2016, media outlets have received leaked confidential information regarding Cardinal George Pell — leaked by persons within the Victorian Police.
So do we now have an “Anti-Catholic Mafia”?
A Mafia committed to ensuring that Cardinal Pell has no hope of getting a fair hearing.