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MANIPULATING OPINION IN AUSTRALIA: some changes good, some changes bad.

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Celebrities, Environment, Media, Persecution, Science

Yesterday someone asked me, “What do you think about climate change?”
I started saying how I’m not convinced either way because….
But he had stopped listening already.
“It must be true,” he said. “A celebrity actor is saying so on television.”
I didn’t try reasoning with him.
If one’s point of view relies on boosting by celebrities on television, one’s openness to reason is probably non-existent.
Anyway, isn’t climate change primarily a side-show to distract us from more alarming and humanly-destructive changes?
There’s a global campaign to “change” what a human being is, what a family is, what freedom of speech is….
Try, for example, proclaiming that marriage is a life-long union of one man and one woman.
You’ll soon discover how the understandings and freedoms that sustained society 20 years ago – and also 20 centuries ago – are changed and gone.
You’ll be silenced one way or another if you don’t shut up.

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by Arnold Jago in Abortion, Australia, Ethics, Health, Justice, Media, Truth

Recently ABC’s Four Corners featured an Amnesty International report on conditions for refugees on Nauru — describing them as “torture”.
It highlighted video of run-down hospital wards and unsanitary school toilets.
It’s now known that these pictures were unrepresentative of present conditions.
Doubtless, some aspects of life on Nauru are a bit rough, but by world standards they aren’t too bad.
ABC and AI seem to enjoy muckraking. Where there’s no muck they invent it.
AI’s original role in the 1960s was mobilising supporters to write letters requesting release of prisoners of conscience.
Now it’s less a grass-roots fighter for the underdog – more like an international corporation in the grievance business.
To AI, the right to life of the ultimate underdogs – unborn children – isn’t a human right that concerns them.
AI actively leans on governments around the world to promote unrestricted abortion.
At this moment, they’re interfering in the affairs of Chile, Poland, Zambia and Northern Ireland, for example.
While getting this basic black-and-white issue wrong, they’re unlikely to get much else right.


WIKIPEDIA DISCREDITS ITSELF: vehicle for anti-christian insults

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Media, Politics

Wikipedia, which claims to be unbiased, says in its entry regarding Queensland MP, George Christensen:
“In March 2016, Christensen agitated to close down or substantially modify the Australian government Safe Schools Programme as it clashed with his outdated conservative Christian bigotry. This programme was designed to promote acceptance of LGBTIQ peoples and had successfully reduced LGBTIQ related bullying.” **
Outdated conservative Christian bigotry?
Does that sound like an encyclopedia?
Or more like someone indulging in ideologically-driven name-calling?

** (it was there on 10 June 2016 at 8.50am)


FREEDOM OF SPEECH: have we surrendered it already?

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Media, Multiculturalism, Politics

News Limited — according to its website — reaches over 7.2 million Australians daily.
The website is headed by the slogan “The Power of the People”.
Which people exactly?
Recently the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) offered News Limited good money to broadcast an online ad seeking readers’ votes in NSW, Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.
The ALA’s most distinctive policy is to “stop Islamisation” in Australia.
Anyway the advertisement was shown only via the Daily Telegraph (NSW) — nothing in the other states.
When ALA complained, they were told the ad “does not fit with our brand”.
Which in plain English means that the people whose power decides what News Limited will broadcast are Islamic activists and their stooges.
News Limited is afraid to practise free speech.
As far as News Limited is concerned, “Islamisation” has already happened.
Self-censorship is a characteristic of weaklings.


CARDINAL GEORGE PELL: what do you think? perhaps one could think again?

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Justice, Media, Persecution

Is Cardinal Pell something of a hero — showing, at times, the patience of a saint?
Labelled as a coward and scum by a singer — and by the Royal Commission’s lawyer, Gail Furness, as a liar (she used the word “implausible”) – the Cardinal has refrained from calling them anything.
For decades he has endured disrespect from persons on the Church payroll for not being cowardly enough to adopt their party lines on education, seminary discipline etc.
In 1996, on becoming Archbishop, he started the “Melbourne Response” — free counselling plus capped compensation payments for child abuse victims — well before the other Bishops began the national “Towards Healing” program.
We all know that Cardinal Pell didn’t get everything right — and he has to wear that.
But perhaps he’s a better man than some of his critics.
We can’t really know that for sure. As he would probably say, “Only God knows.”


CARDINAL PELL: at least he won’t die of boredom.

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Ethics, Faith, Justice, Media, Modern Church

It’s possible that Cardinal Pell’s words at the Royal Commission are completely true.
The media don’t want us to think that, but it is possible, isn’t it?
But we are never going to know, are we?
Regarding past events, proof or disproof “beyond reasonable doubt” is the best you can ever hope for.
What does “reasonable” mean?
It looks as if, Royal Commission-wise, “reason” hardly comes into it.
Child-abuse victims plus their advisers — plus apparently now the City of Ballarat itself — seem to have turned themselves into a self-perpetuating anti-Pell (or anti-Catholic) industry.