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Recently ABC’s Four Corners featured an Amnesty International report on conditions for refugees on Nauru — describing them as “torture”.
It highlighted video of run-down hospital wards and unsanitary school toilets.
It’s now known that these pictures were unrepresentative of present conditions.
Doubtless, some aspects of life on Nauru are a bit rough, but by world standards they aren’t too bad.
ABC and AI seem to enjoy muckraking. Where there’s no muck they invent it.
AI’s original role in the 1960s was mobilising supporters to write letters requesting release of prisoners of conscience.
Now it’s less a grass-roots fighter for the underdog – more like an international corporation in the grievance business.
To AI, the right to life of the ultimate underdogs – unborn children – isn’t a human right that concerns them.
AI actively leans on governments around the world to promote unrestricted abortion.
At this moment, they’re interfering in the affairs of Chile, Poland, Zambia and Northern Ireland, for example.
While getting this basic black-and-white issue wrong, they’re unlikely to get much else right.

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CASHLESS “HEALTHY WELFARE CARD”: working well, now what?

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Health, Justice, Lifestyle, Money, Politics, Recent Developments

The Australian federal government’s Healthy Welfare Card, trialled in Kununurra and Ceduna, transmits 80 percent of welfare payments by means of a cashless debit card, not spendable on alcohol or gambling.
In both centres ambulance call-outs to alcohol-related violence and spending on gambling have significantly fallen.
The Mayor of Ceduna says communities troubled by results of alcohol and gambling excesses “would be silly not to trial the Card”.
I believe my community certainly needs to do it.
Yours, dear reader, probably does, too.
It might be a good move to all tell our federal MP to please set up a trial locally, and soon.


MAKING EYE CONTACT: making better relationships?

by Arnold Jago in Celebrities, Common Sense, Education, Health

Professor Fiona Kerr at a recent “Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Conference” told how brain research shows that making eye contact with other people improves our ability to keep calm and to behave well.
Your grandmother probably told you that ages ago.
(1) Why do mobile phones need a screen? My phone is about 100 years out of date. You can make satisfactory voice calls with it. That’s all.
(2) Doctors should consult with no computer in the room. In the office computers might be useful. In the consulting area they discourage intimate conversation.
(3) Human persons are not soul-less bodies made of chemicals. They are also not disembodied souls. Every person is a unique unit – body and soul integrated to act — and to take responsibility for those actions.
(4) Every person we meet is made in God’s image. To remember that is something that I, for one, must do better.


EUTHANASIA, A SPECTRE STALKING AUSTRALIA…. emotive amorality gone berserk….

by Arnold Jago in Abortion, Australia, Death, Ethics, Health

In the Netherlands, euthanasia was officially legalised in 2002.
Professor Theo Boer was for many years a member of a regional euthanasia review committee overseeing the operation of Netherland’s euthanasia laws.
At first he favoured the legislation….
Later he warned the British government against copying the path taken by the Netherlands:
“I used to be a supporter of legislation. But now, with 12 years of experience, I take a different view….
“Some slippery slopes really are slippery….
“Once the genie is out of the bottle, it is not likely ever to go back in again….”
Now, in 2016, Australian lobbyists for legal euthanasia are putting huge pressure on politicians.
They have already dumbed-down the debate to the point where most Australians think that euthanasia means letting people die.
But it doesn’t mean that. It means killing.
Source: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2686711/Dont-make-mistake-As-assisted-suicide-bill-goes-Lords-Dutch-regulator-backed-euthanasia-warns-Britain-leads-mass-killing.html


SEX EDUCATION FOR CHILDREN: should we teach them the obvious?

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Education, Health, Lifestyle, Truth

Human sexuality has a purpose.
To feel good is not that purpose – at best that’s a bonus.
Feelings aren’t good or bad, they’re merely superficial.
Lower animals have sex instinctively to feel good, having no understanding of the purpose of body organs — ovaries, uterus, breasts, plus hormones and all.
As “rational” animals, humans do understand – that obviously the purpose of those bodily attributes is reproduction.
Male and female anatomies are complementary — their function makes them like one body.
Something fits into somewhere like a key fits a lock.
Putting that something in the wrong orifice creates disorder – subverting and disintegrating the whole system.
About as rational as putting your key in the septic tank instead of into its lock.
If we must do sex education in schools, these basics should be taught.
No doubt such education would be better done at home.


“HOMOPHOBIA” IS A HARD WORD TO DEFINE: Easily misused. How important it is not to misuse it.

by Arnold Jago in Abortion, Health, Justice, Lifestyle, Persecution

The Christian religion gives no green light to using hatred of sin or vice to justify words or actions that might be reasonably taken to express hatred of persons.
If “homophobia” means hating homosexual human beings (not just fearing the condition and its consequences) then it is something a Christian – or anybody motivated by goodwill – must avoid at all costs
Homosexual persons themselves may be liable to self-hatred, given that certain of their habitual acts are inherently disgusting.
This aspect is seldom discussed. Yet it is important. We should want to release them from this feeling, while not underestimating their need to avoid objective wrong-doing.
Isn’t the homosexual “community” wrong in its resentment of – and desire to ban – treatments which might conceivably help persons wishing to overcome homosexual tendencies from getting professional assistance?
(But that is getting onto an issue separate from our key point of avoiding all hatred of persons.)
As usual, Saint Mary MacKillop got that one right….
At one stage, Mother Mary was dismissed from Adelaide district by the local bishop, Archbishop Reynolds, on unjust grounds.
She wrote to her Sisters warning them to be careful about presuming to condemn the Archbishop and his motives:
“Now, more than ever, we should be humble, patient and charitable and forgiving. If we cannot excuse everything, we can at least excuse the intention.”