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RIGHT WING POLITICS: here to stay or flash in the pan?

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Family, God, Justice, Politics

Will the worldwide increase of support for right-wing politics continue?
Election results from Western Australia and the Netherlands should help work that out.
Many are sick of communism-like dictatorship-minorities imposing ideologies on families and their children.
Are we automatons/robots programmed and re-programmable by secular dogma?
Or is there a human free will – by means of which we make real decisions for which we can be held responsible?
It’s to the Judaeo-Christian God of the Bible that we must turn to find the loving father whose presence makes sense of the world — who seeks to redeem us, befriend us, adopt us and fulfil us as his children.
The homosexuality-promoting lobbyists are very counter-productive.
Their intolerance of objective comments about their lifestyle in the context of natural law gives them away.

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THE FUTURE, OR LACK OF IT, OF BELIEF: how trendy is atheism in your community, and in your head?

by Arnold Jago in God

Last week a Times newspaper opinion poll found that only 28 percent of British people believe in God.
38 percent say there’s no God. The rest didn’t seem to know.
Countries vary.
African nations are mainly big believers. In one survey, the percentage of unbelievers in Nigeria was reported to be zero(!)
According to Cardinal Raymond Sarah (born in Guinea), Africans are determined to avoid the atheistic mentality observable in our secularised West.
He says, “As part of its identity, Africa is open to transcendence….The soul of Africa always opens towards God….Material concerns are always secondary….The African knows he is only a sojourner….”
It’s in his book “God or Nothing” (page 255).
The Cardinal is well aware of lots of problems in Africa — poverty, corruption, health care issues etc.
But he sees a reason for hope in Africa that he doesn’t see in the West.
Perhaps we Westerners need to eat some humble pie.


ISLAM AND THE FUTURE: thoughts about the options to choose between.

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Death, God, History, Modern Church, Politics

Check our media — is the only religion anybody takes seriously today Islam?
Involving (for some) taking seriously Koran chapter 2 which says about unbelievers:
“Kill them wherever you find them…fight them until there is no more disbelief….”
How best to react?
Voting for “conservative” parties?
One Nation? But don’t they specialise in unpredictable candidates?
A new party sponsored by Mr Bernardi and Mrs Rinehart? But aren’t they too economically dry and market-loving?
Like it or not, governments have to provide some kind of safety-net for those whose children would starve if nobody intervenes….
No. Political parties, by themselves, can’t do the trick.
What could be handy is a Church with credibility — to get people thinking straight.
Straight — as in putting God first — and the common good for all God’s children equal first – and our beloved selfishness, greed, pride, lust etc. last and nowhere….
Politicians of whatever party might then notice that, to stay elected, they’ll need to start doing the right thing.


POPE FRANCIS UNDER FIRE: is he out of step with basic catholic teachings, including those of pope saint john paul II?

by Arnold Jago in Common Sense, Faith, Family, God, Modern Church

Four senior Cardinals have publicly expressed doubts about Pope Francis’ March 2016 publication entitled “Amoris Laetitia” which dealt with “the joy of love” in the context of Catholic teaching on marriage and family.
They’ve addressed him five questions which demand yes or no answers.
In summary, they propose that Pope Francis’ publication contravenes the formal teaching of Pope Saint John Paul II as spelt out in his 1993 encyclical “Veritatis Splendor”.
“Veritatis Splendor” says, for example, that “circumstances or intentions can never transform an act intrinsically evil by virtue of its object into an act ‘subjectively’ good….”
Which would mean that people involved in a sexually-active relationship with somebody not their husband/wife — thus sinning against the commandment “thou shalt not commit adultery” — should not receive Holy Communion until they’ve confessed the sin and stopped doing it.
And that parts of “Amoris Laetitia” where, for example, it talks about “circumstances which mitigate moral responsibility”, contradict both Pope Saint John Paul and the Ten Commandments.
So far, Pope Francis seems to have not responded to the questions.


POPE FRANCIS AND CARDINAL SARAH: a question of orientation.

by Arnold Jago in God, Modern Church, Recent Developments, Sacraments

Cardinal Robert Sarah is head of the Vatican department responsible for how liturgies are celebrated (the Congregation for Divine Worship).
Cardinal Sarah and Pope Francis disagree on certain important matters — including which way the priest should face during Mass.
On 5 July 2016, Cardinal Sarah announced that from the first Sunday in Advent (27 November) priests should face away from the congregation.
This change had been favoured by the previous Pope (Benedict XVI) who argued that the priest “is also another Christian like all the others and is turning with them towards God”.
If you’re a Catholic and believe that God is really present in the consecrated bread and wine that is important.
Anyway, Pope Francis announced on July 9 that no such change will happen.
Then, on 28 October, he made 19 changes to the membership of Cardinal Sarah’s department — such that Cardinal Sarah’s influence will be curbed.


TREES, PAGES, IDEAS AND LIFE: how to know things (anything)

by Arnold Jago in Common Sense, God, Truth

When you look at a tree you know definitely that in your mind (which you think lives inside your head) there is the idea of a tree.
But do you know definitely that the tree really exists out there, outside your head?
Come to think of it, do you know that your head exists?
Or is your head something that only exists in your head?
Are these silly questions?
Not really.
You feel as though you’re reading this page, but can you know absolutely that there is a page?
Something or somebody definitely existing (not a tree or a page) put the idea in your head.
It must have been God.
He must have done so for a reason.
He wants you to enjoy the ideas that he gives you and to relate to them in the way he wants.
How to find out what he wants?
Ask him.
He is willing to reveal himself. In fact, out of his love, he has done so and is doing so.
It’s called religion.
But it must be true religion, not a hateful one.
The above thoughts are interesting to think about.
And essential to base our lives on.