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FIFTY SHADES OF GREY: a morality-undermining cop-out?

by Arnold Jago in Entertainment, Lifestyle, Money, Women

“Fifty Shades of Grey” is a commercial phenomenon which, by written word and screen depiction, is making heaps of money.

Presumably the title plays on the concept of some things being, not black-and-white morally, but somewhere in between on a kind of grey spectrum.

Which is nonsense. Take a page of newsprint. The grey areas are made up of black and white dots.

If they look grey it’s because you haven’t got up close and examined in detail.

Here is part of a poem by G. K. Chesterton:

“The men that sell what others make,
As vultures eat what others slay,
Will prove in matching plume with plume
That naught is black and all is grey . . . .
Grey as those dingy doves that once,
By money-changers palmed and priced,
Amid the crash of tables flapped
And huddled from the wrath of Christ . . . .

But raised for ever for a sign
Since God made anger glorious,
Where eagles black and vultures grey
Flocked back about the heroic house . . . .
Where war is holier than peace,
Where hate is holier than love,
Shone terrible as the Holy Ghost
An eagle whiter than a dove.”

Read Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 21. It might improve our understanding of what appears above.



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CHARLIE HEBDO: more thoughts.

by Arnold Jago in crime, Death, Entertainment, Media

1.5 million gathered in Paris, chanting, “I am Charlie”.

Meaning what?

That we stand together resolutely for free speech (i.e. mockery of other people’s beliefs)?

But Charlie was never truly free.

Charlie only mocked certain beliefs. Others being off limits.

They never mocked, for example, the fiction that abortion doesn’t kill a real human being.

The 1.5 million called their meeting too late.

Why no outrage back when Charlie starting mocking, not only Mohammed, but also Jesus Christ, Mary his mother, the pope etc. in demeaning fashion?

We need to do better. And think a bit deeper.

Shooting other people and demeaning other people’s culture – they are both the wrong thing to do.



ANGELINE JOLIE: asset or liability?

by Arnold Jago in Celebrities, Common Sense, Entertainment, Women

Among those receiving Queen’s Birthday awards this year was actress Angeline Jolie.

She was made “an honorary dame” for her campaigning to end sexual violence in war zones.

Jolie was a guest of honour at last week’s Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict Summit in London.

She described the Summit as “an emotional experience”.

She herself helped make it so with emotional speech-making.

According to media reports, 155 nations have endorsed the Declaration of Commitment to end sexual violence in war-zones.

Yet so long as there are war-zones, won’t there be behaviour that is sub-human?

It’s hard to imagine that changing much.

Anyway, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, described Jolie as a “fierce and fearless advocate”.

* * *

There is an irony here which neither Kerry nor Jolie seem to notice.

Angeline Jolie became famous and kept herself that way largely by dressing and behaving in sexually provocative fashion in public.

She chose to make herself a sex object.

In doing so she has contributed in her own way to the mentality that all women are sex objects . . . .

. . . treatable as such in circumstances where there’s a fair chance of getting away with it.




SON OF GOD MOVIE: inspiring masterpiece or potboiler?

by Arnold Jago in Entertainment, Faith, History, Jesus, Mary, Women

A movie coming to our local cinema in early June is “Son of God” — based on the life of Jesus Christ.

It’s co-produced by Roma Downey, who also acts the part of his mother Mary.

Many viewers may find that it portrays Jesus as a bit too handsome, too “nice”, too inclined to talk in platitudes . . . .

Later in the film, at the Last Supper, the Trial, the Crucifixion, things become more realistic.

Interesting how, when Judas Iscariot, leaving the supper to go and betray his Lord, having just received the consecrated Bread from Christ’s hand, turns suddenly and vomits it out. Something to think about!

One blooper is a female “disciple” seen at the Garden of Gethsemane, the Last Supper –anywhere the apostles go — there she is. Pleasing to feminists perhaps? This movie certainly isn’t committed to presenting the story as per the Bible.

Some people might benefit from seeing this show. But please read the Book as well. You can read St Mark’s gospel right through in under one hour.

If you miss “Son of God” at the cinema, it’s online at www.putlocker.bz/watch-son-of-god-online-free-putlocker.html



PORNOGRAPHY: an industry with devastating political clout

by Arnold Jago in Entertainment, Lifestyle, Media, Politics

This weekend, a summit organized by the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation is being held in Washington, USA.

The Coalition recommends tackling porn “in the same manner as teenage smoking and drink driving . . . .”

“There’s an untreated pandemic of harm from pornography. There’s a lot of science now proving that . . . almost every family in America has been touched by the harm of pornography.”

Pornography is big business everywhere.

* * *
In Australia, radio porn channel Triple J lives off taxpayer-funding with the blessing of our “conservative” federal government.

A government which talks reducing wasteful public spending, but lacks the courage to eradicate Triple J, fearing backlash from the porn-addict industry.

Likewise local government.

When Triple J sought to hold a “One Night Stand” concert, complete with foul-mouthed and obscenely-gesturing entertainers, in the rural city of Mildura, the Mayor welcomed them supinely, quoting “economic benefits” . . . .



TRIPLE J RADIO: your taxes at work, unfortunately.

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Media, Youth

Triple J Radio consists mainly of obscenities — both in the music lyrics and the way the presenters talk.

I had heard about that in the past but never listened to it myself until the other day.

It turned out to be all too true.

The kind of language and the mentality is the kind you’d hope your children would never be exposed to.

The Australian economy needs cuts in public spending?

Triple J is one taxpayer-funded enterprise we’d be better off without for multiple reasons.