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BULLYING, SUICIDE, HOMOSEXUALITY: what is wrong with our schools and our families and our society and our souls?

by Arnold Jago in Death, Education, Family, Lifestyle, Politics

A 13-year old boy has committed suicide because, according to his mother, he was bullied for being “gay”.
That’s very sad.
We need school programs to curb bullying whatever its context – race, body-image, religion or whatever.
But this poor lad’s death is now being politicised by activists determined to infiltrate schools with programs teaching that homosexual acts are normal, that one’s gender is changeable at whim and that sexual activity needn’t be related to marriage between a man and a woman.
Such politicking can only make matters worse.
If we teach the young in school that traditional marriage is irrelevant and that it’s appropriate to do whatever turns you on – how can things get better?

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FORGIVENESS FOR ABORTION: the pope’s position gets a mixture of boos and hoorays.

by Arnold Jago in crime, Death, Family, Forgiving, Modern Church, Women

As from now the Pope says that all priests are able to give absolution (forgiveness) to persons involved in abortion.
Previously only certain priests had that authority.
He makes it clear that abortion was, is, and always will be, a grave sin.
But he’s trying to be a bit merciful in the way that grave sin is dealt with.
Anyway, let’s hope he wasn’t hoping to be thanked by the progressive types, including self-styled feminists.
For example, a lady journalist of the Sydney Morning Herald (22 November 2016) uses the headline “Women don’t need Pope Francis’ forgiveness for having abortions”.
But do they need God’s forgiveness?
That is the point.


SOUTH AUSTRALIA’S EUTHANASIA REJECTION: seems the right thing, despite Mr Denton….

by Arnold Jago in Celebrities, Common Sense, Death, Faith

South Australia’s state parliament has rejected another bill to legalise “euthanasia” (the killing of certain categories of sick people).
The debate was settled by the casting vote of the speaker, Michael Atkinson.
Pro-euthanasia activist, Andrew Denton, is displeased with Mr Atkinson because he’s “deeply religious” and didn’t base his vote on “health grounds”.
But medical ethics clearly must intersect with religion — religion being principles and practices relating to ultimate reality.
Congratulations, Mr Atkinson, on your well-principled stand.


WARRIENA, R.I.P. can her fate teach us something?

by Arnold Jago in Abortion, Australia, Beauty, Death, Lifestyle, Truth

Little chance of “dating sites” disappearing from the internet any time soon, I suppose.
Treating other people as random, anonymous, disposable sex-commodities is a big industry.
But isn’t it intrinsically unsustainable?
Think of poor Warriena Wright. Dead in her twenties. A life seemingly wasted. It’s too sad.
The Bible says, “If you satisfy your lustful appetites they will make you the sport of your enemies…. “He who strays after them sins against his own life.
“Rottenness and worms will possess him.
“All wisdom is fear of the Lord; perfect wisdom is the fulfilment of his Law.”

Technicolor language — but who can deny its truth?
Not trendy ideas, but can we afford to ignore them?
(Bible reference: Sirach chapter 19)


AUSTRALIA’S EUTHANASIA DEBATE: hardly necessary? hardly possible?

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Common Sense, Death, Ethics, Politics

We are supposed to be having a “debate” about whether euthanasia should become legal in Australia.
Not an easy debate to have.
The word “euthanasia” itself – what does it mean?
Doesn’t everybody know it means, under certain medical circumstances, being allowed to intentionally kill somebody?
But, no, one side of the debate doesn’t want the word “kill” to be used.
They prefer “helping them die” – a term so vague that it cannot be rationally debated.
The same people say new laws are needed to allow patients to refuse treatment.
Wrong. Present laws already allow that.
The principles involved are clear enough.
Legalised intentional killing is never the best choice.


FORTHCOMING SCORSESE FILM “SILENCE”: has it got anything to say about real life?

by Arnold Jago in Celebrities, Death, Entertainment, Faith, Silence

The long-awaited film “Silence” is planned for release in December 2016.
Producer, Martin Scorsese, has been considering making it since about 1991. Based on the book “Silence” by Japanese author, Endo, it’s about Christian missionaries persecuted in Japan in the 1600s.
One priest is threatened with torture and death if he doesn’t abandon the faith – so he abandons the faith.
That’s about it.
The theme is why God is (or seems) silent when we need him most.
Is not the key to relating to the silent God, to make silence (praying in silence) central in our life – educating ourselves in it, daily, hourly, minutely?
Silence isn’t just absent sound. It’s something present that you can hear and come to recognise.
Today’s lifestyle makes silence unfamiliar.
Electronic communications make us afraid of silence — preferring hollow, futile, empty noise.
Unlearning that, can we become integrated children of God, cheerfully indifferent to whether we suffer or not?