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FORGIVENESS FOR ABORTION: the pope’s position gets a mixture of boos and hoorays.

by Arnold Jago in crime, Death, Family, Forgiving, Modern Church, Women

As from now the Pope says that all priests are able to give absolution (forgiveness) to persons involved in abortion.
Previously only certain priests had that authority.
He makes it clear that abortion was, is, and always will be, a grave sin.
But he’s trying to be a bit merciful in the way that grave sin is dealt with.
Anyway, let’s hope he wasn’t hoping to be thanked by the progressive types, including self-styled feminists.
For example, a lady journalist of the Sydney Morning Herald (22 November 2016) uses the headline “Women don’t need Pope Francis’ forgiveness for having abortions”.
But do they need God’s forgiveness?
That is the point.

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SCHOOLIES ARE BAD NEWS: something should be done. too late, perhaps?

by Arnold Jago in Australia, crime, Education, Family, Youth

Many Australian school-leavers are currently in Queensland and elsewhere, unsupervised — lots of them drinking, brawling etc.
One (in Bali) is imprisoned for drug possession and could stay there for some time.
It’s a pity. These youngsters have had lots of somebody’s money spent on their “education”.
Aged mostly about 18, Australia’s laws permit them to drive vehicles, drink alcohol — even to vote!
Do our law-makers perhaps need a bit of remedial education?
Neuroscientists these days suggest that brain development isn’t complete until about age 25 – or even into the 30s.
Likewise vehicle-insurance companies. They should know – they’re the ones losing money when young clients kill or half-kill themselves. They charge 18-year old customers more than over-25s.
18-year olds should, in fact, seldom be out of the sight of their mummies and daddies.
Some kind of curfew might help, just in case the parents don’t do their job.


CARDINAL PELL STILL IN THE NEWS: there is a lesson here for everybody to learn.

by Arnold Jago in Australia, crime, Education, Lifestyle, Modern Church

Ballarat victims of priestly sexual abuse are calling on Cardinal Pell to “reaffirm his pledge” to help them.
A Mr Peter Benkiron says, “Cardinal Pell either knew about the abuse of children…or he knew nothing but still has a responsibility to protect future generations….” **
That’s true enough.
Everybody – all of us – have a responsibility to protect future generations.
The most urgent protection they need is protection from exposure to propaganda designed to persuade them that sexual deviations are normal and reasonable lifestyles to adopt.
Such recruitment is going on in many schools disguised as “anti-bullying” classes.
Cardinal Pell and all concerned citizens should spare no effort to have the “Safe Schools” indoctrination program ended ASAP.
( ** Ballarat COURIER, November 1)


CHINA AND AUSTRALIA’S CASINO INDUSTRY: not a good bun-fight to get involved in

by Arnold Jago in Abortion, Australia, crime, God, Money, Politics

Three Australian employees of Crown Resorts are in prison in China.
The Chinese government is currently cracking down on corruption.
President Xi Jinping is sick of foreign companies like Crown who provide a service assisting wealthy Chinese money-laundering crooks to thumb their noses at Chinese law.
It’s commonly conceded that “casinos breed crime” — perhaps equally true to say that casinos are crime.
Isn’t gambling intrinsically evil — fostering greed, envy, theft, parasitism and idolatry?
Idolatry being the worst — thumbing one’s nose at God.
As the Bible says, you cannot serve (idolise) both God and money. (Matthew’s gospel, chapter 6)
Small time gambling like a “flutter” on the Melbourne Cup or at the Bingo is generally considered fairly harmless.
But it isn’t.



by Arnold Jago in Abortion, Australia, crime, Family, Justice, Youth

TV show “Four Corners” recently created an uproar by showing young criminals in restraining chairs, spit hoods etc.
Politicians and experts responded with suggestions: Royal Commission, one-to-one social workers, more adoptions — even more contraceptives(!)
No doubt well meant – but all pretty much tinsel to camouflage the tips of an iceberg that nobody wishes to acknowledge.
Nobody wants to hear that our whole Australian way of life is geared to breeding youth uncontrollability.
Or that improvement would demand change in all our lives – our personal lives, our families and our social assumptions.
Who wants to consider that extramarital sex, alcohol-drinking, pornography, out-of-family child-care and gambling all must go?
To be replaced by a new enthusiasm for marriage, motherhood and fatherhood – on the part of individuals and the community at large.
This problem is something spiritual.
Are such changes too much to ask?
Perhaps we don’t care enough.


“TIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU”: emotivist anthem from which we might learn something.

by Arnold Jago in Celebrities, Common Sense, crime, Lifestyle

In mid-January, “Til It Happens to You” was nominated for “best original song” at the 2016 Academy Awards.
Last month its writers received the Los Angeles Italia Film, Fashion and Art Fest “song of the year” award.
Its lyrics include:
“You say I’ll pull myself together . . . how could you know?”
“Till it happens to you . . . you don’t know how it feels”
“. . . this is no joke”.
The song seems to be about rape.
Most of us don’t literally know how it feels.
But we don’t think it’s a joke.
One thing we do know – that to reduce the risk, certain things are best avoided.
Such as going to parties unescorted, drinking alcohol, using other drugs . . . .
Likewise mixing with people you hardly know in places where bad behaviour is common.