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SOUTH AUSTRALIA’S EUTHANASIA REJECTION: seems the right thing, despite Mr Denton….

by Arnold Jago in Celebrities, Common Sense, Death, Faith

South Australia’s state parliament has rejected another bill to legalise “euthanasia” (the killing of certain categories of sick people).
The debate was settled by the casting vote of the speaker, Michael Atkinson.
Pro-euthanasia activist, Andrew Denton, is displeased with Mr Atkinson because he’s “deeply religious” and didn’t base his vote on “health grounds”.
But medical ethics clearly must intersect with religion — religion being principles and practices relating to ultimate reality.
Congratulations, Mr Atkinson, on your well-principled stand.

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PRESIDENT-ELECT DONALD TRUMP: good, bad or indifferent?

by Arnold Jago in Celebrities, Common Sense, Ethics, Politics

US President-elect Donald Trump is now sometimes being called Mr Trump.
Some commentators are even using his name without prefacing it with “misogynist-groper”, “populist-megalomaniac” (or “barking-mad” as per Mr Shorten).
They now concede that he does in fact have some economic and international policies — regarding trade protection, border-security etc.
On the ethical and humanitarian side, Mr Trump is certainly a breath of fresh air.
He has promised to appoint pro-life judges, to seek ways to curb internet porn — and to protect freedom of religion and one-man-one-woman marriage.
Human being-wise, his plusses trump any downsides he may have.


MANIPULATING OPINION IN AUSTRALIA: some changes good, some changes bad.

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Celebrities, Environment, Media, Persecution, Science

Yesterday someone asked me, “What do you think about climate change?”
I started saying how I’m not convinced either way because….
But he had stopped listening already.
“It must be true,” he said. “A celebrity actor is saying so on television.”
I didn’t try reasoning with him.
If one’s point of view relies on boosting by celebrities on television, one’s openness to reason is probably non-existent.
Anyway, isn’t climate change primarily a side-show to distract us from more alarming and humanly-destructive changes?
There’s a global campaign to “change” what a human being is, what a family is, what freedom of speech is….
Try, for example, proclaiming that marriage is a life-long union of one man and one woman.
You’ll soon discover how the understandings and freedoms that sustained society 20 years ago – and also 20 centuries ago – are changed and gone.
You’ll be silenced one way or another if you don’t shut up.


FORTHCOMING SCORSESE FILM “SILENCE”: has it got anything to say about real life?

by Arnold Jago in Celebrities, Death, Entertainment, Faith, Silence

The long-awaited film “Silence” is planned for release in December 2016.
Producer, Martin Scorsese, has been considering making it since about 1991. Based on the book “Silence” by Japanese author, Endo, it’s about Christian missionaries persecuted in Japan in the 1600s.
One priest is threatened with torture and death if he doesn’t abandon the faith – so he abandons the faith.
That’s about it.
The theme is why God is (or seems) silent when we need him most.
Is not the key to relating to the silent God, to make silence (praying in silence) central in our life – educating ourselves in it, daily, hourly, minutely?
Silence isn’t just absent sound. It’s something present that you can hear and come to recognise.
Today’s lifestyle makes silence unfamiliar.
Electronic communications make us afraid of silence — preferring hollow, futile, empty noise.
Unlearning that, can we become integrated children of God, cheerfully indifferent to whether we suffer or not?


MAKING EYE CONTACT: making better relationships?

by Arnold Jago in Celebrities, Common Sense, Education, Health

Professor Fiona Kerr at a recent “Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Conference” told how brain research shows that making eye contact with other people improves our ability to keep calm and to behave well.
Your grandmother probably told you that ages ago.
(1) Why do mobile phones need a screen? My phone is about 100 years out of date. You can make satisfactory voice calls with it. That’s all.
(2) Doctors should consult with no computer in the room. In the office computers might be useful. In the consulting area they discourage intimate conversation.
(3) Human persons are not soul-less bodies made of chemicals. They are also not disembodied souls. Every person is a unique unit – body and soul integrated to act — and to take responsibility for those actions.
(4) Every person we meet is made in God’s image. To remember that is something that I, for one, must do better.


MARK SCOTT TO REPORT ON THE “SCIENCE” OF GENDER: arguably a waste of time and energy?

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Celebrities, Education, Ethics, Lifestyle

The NSW government’s Education Department Secretary, Mark Scott, is to investigate the scientific basis, if any, of the gender theories now included in sex-education and “anti-bullying” programs in Australian schools.
Mr. Scott holds degrees in Arts, Education and Public Administration, but his background of working in the ABC and the Fairfax papers makes a leftist-slanted report likely.
Does that matter?
Isn’t any report on the scientific basis of such programming irrelevant anyway?
Isn’t science ultimately hypothesising and modelling — the rights and wrongs of sexual behavior being way outside its capabilities to comment on?
Nobody doubts the existence of people with all kinds of “fluid” gender-related interests and lustings.
That isn’t the point.
What we need isn’t ways of helping people with such tendencies to feel free-to-be-who-they-really-are etc.
What they need – like the rest of us – is to learn to behave unselfishly, responsibly and in line with the common good.
And — like the rest of us – how to become integrated fulfilled human beings and to contribute unselfishly to creating a society supportive of such integration and integration.
These are spiritual matters — very important and very far above and beyond science (and politics).