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Hillary Clinton seeks to distance herself from an alleged conspiracy by Democratic Party leadership to label Sanders an “atheist” — thus frightening off southern evangelicals etc.
Mrs Clinton comments that it is “wrong and unacceptable” to bring religion into the political process.
A politically shrewd remark perhaps.
But rather question-begging.
Why is it wrong?
What does “wrong” mean?
Isn’t distinguishing between right and wrong an entirely religious act?
Mrs Clinton herself introduces a religious act into a political debate.
A better principle would be that we must ALWAYS bring religion into political debate.
Political debate doesn’t need no religion – it needs more and better religion.

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AUSTRALIA’S MILITARY DEEPLY INTO POLITICS OF THE “PROGRESSIVE” KIND: what are we progressing towards? ask bernard gaynor.

by Arnold Jago in Abortion, Australia, Beauty, Justice, Lifestyle, Persecution, Politics

Australia’s military has rules forbidding its members from appearing in uniform – whether in person or in pictures — in any political context.
Andrew Hastie MP has refused to remove a picture of himself in uniform from electoral material and is now sacked from the Army Reserve.
So, is it a good rule?
There is some point to it, perhaps — but only if it is applied consistently.
Remember when Major Bernard Gaynor complained in 2013 about the Army inconsistently permitting officers in uniform to march in the very political Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras?
His arguments were ignored and he himself was ejected from the military.
His comment: “I am staggered by their hypocrisy.”
A bit of an understatement?
(more details at http://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2016/05/bernard-gaynor-a-true-champion-of-free-speech-and-freedom-from-oppression-explains-his-court-battle.html)


SAME-SEX SO-CALLED MARRIAGE: a critique of the thoughts of richard di natale.

by Arnold Jago in Abortion, Australia, Beauty, Celebrities, Family, Justice, Lifestyle

Australian Greens Party leader, Richard Di Natale, recently told the media that he married his wife as “a public expression of love and commitment . . . .”
“That’s being denied to people because the community says if you’re heterosexual, your love is something we should celebrate. If you’re homosexual, the love for your partner is different — considered not as strong, less important. That’s effectively prejudice.”
Such a statement is disappointing, coming from somebody who has had a Catholic school education and has enough brains to get qualified as a medical doctor.
People can celebrate things without demanding that they be given the approval by the country’s laws — for example celebrating one’s birthday.
The reason the law must involve itself in marriage is that the community considers married couples the normal environment in which children ought to be raised.
The drawbacks of having a child raised by same-sex households are too obvious to need spelling out.


THE BEAUTY OF THE STREAM: a young boy’s thoughts

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Beauty, Contemplation, Family, History

It was a beautiful stream, clear as crystal and sparkling like jewels as it ran over its rocky bed between the great arches of the trees.
Many a time have I sat and watched it from the top of the bank, watching it rolling the pebbles along its bed, tumbling over waterfalls and rounding graceful curves on its way to the ocean.
All kinds of birds gathered there, while all the animals came from the woods close by to drink from its cool waters.
I can remember a very pretty place there where the willows grew all along its banks and the ferns grew down to the water’s edge and hung over the stream.
The laughing jackass in a big gum close by, and the singing and the chirping of the parrots and parakeets made the whole place bright and cheerful.
The kangaroos and wallabies would hop about undisturbed while rabbits, hares, foxes and other bush animals enjoyed the freedom of the woods by the creek.
This stream maintained its beauty for years, but then the settlers came and turned those beautiful hills and flats about the creek into great stretches of grass land.
The crops from these places would never be as valuable as the timber there if it had been standing now.
The creek was blocked in places, and instead of being a clear sparkling creek it is now a dirty and muddy stream having lost all its former beauty which was so dear to me.
Written in 1922 by Robert Hartley Jago, Grade 8, State School No 2979, Giffard, Gippsland, Victoria
(My father)
(Like father, like son…I hope)



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This year’s Miss World Contest final, booked to be held in Java, Indonesia, has been shifted.
Protesters insisted that such parading of human female flesh is an affront to God.
Organisers agreed, first to omit the bikini parade — then to relocate to the non-Muslim Indonesian island of Bali
But there is still anger at the thing happening in Indonesia at all.
Media reports describe the protesters as Muslim “fringe groups” and “hardliners”.
* * *
In a society tolerating these “beauty” contests, shouldn’t all thinking person want to stay as close to the fringe as possible?
Where are the Christian protesters against contests of this kind?
North America, Europe, Australia, NZ – societies historically “Christian” — earn the contempt of Muslims for their tolerance of immodesty, extramarital sex and other sexual immorality.
There’s no doubt what the Christian’s position should be.
God told Christians very clearly what he wants (in Matthew’s Gospel chapter 5).
Jesus said: “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”