CAMERON CARPENTER, CELEBRITY ORGAN-PLAYER: thinking about his thoughts about himself.

May 20th, 2012 by Arnold Jago in Celebrities, Entertainment, Family, God, Lifestyle, Music

In an interview printed in Limelight Magazine, June 2012, Cameron Carpenter announces that he is the world’s best-paid organist.
He says that he “fortunately” seldom plays organs in church buildings – explaining that he comes from a God-free family.
It could be argued that the latter piece of information is an un-fortunate one.
Awareness of God can be a great equaliser.
Ignoring God puts one at risk of celebrity-itis . . . .
* * *
Early symptoms would include thinking it important that one is the best-paid organist in the world.
To be the BEST player of the organ-player – that might be something to thank God for.
To be the richest, simply means that one has been successfully marketed.
It would be good if Mr Carpenter could make a fresh start.
He might check the alternative mentality of James MacMillan.
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