BETTER EDUCATION: food for thought….

Dec 1st, 2016 by Arnold Jago in Australia, Common Sense, Education, Health

Getting maximum value from school classes must partly depend on what’s happened since last lesson.
In Australia, one student in seven arrives at school having had no breakfast.
This can’t help.
No dietary input, no concentration, perhaps.
Many must come on Mondays having had no exposure to church or Sunday School over the weekend.
Not good.
No spiritual input, no inspiration perhaps.

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  • 20% 0f Aussie kids are living below the poverty line we are told. Could our top politicians name any of these kids? I would be surprised if they could.
    How many of the corporate CEO’s who earn tens of millions could they name? They would know them personally of course and get together over dinner quite a bit.
    Whose needs are going to be met?
    Obviously not the kids.
    Give tax advantages and deregulation to the wealthy and it will trickle down and benefit the poor? It is not happening yet.
    Neoliberalism that is privatizing state assets or transferring economic factors to the private sector from the public sector.
    The private sector don’t have dealing with kids in poverty as a priority.
    The best brains are now saying that privatization of the public sector is not working. Google it and have a read and share what you find.

    • No doubt some enterprises should be public and others private.
      Certain essential services should be publicly run – e.g. commercially-unprofitable train services to remote population centres.
      But probably not some other essentials — like education, health, the media and dealing with poverty, which involve moral issues including abortion, school sex education etc.
      Governments don’t always get these basics right.
      Better for families to deal with them in the absence of public-system monopoly. And you’d hope the church might be able to help regarding the principles involved.
      If only we could reach consensus on what does and what doesn’t constitute the common good.
      I Googled ”privatization” as recommended.
      One fairly sensible article at
      Important questions, Noel.
      I am open to more suggestions.
      Thanks for your comment.