ARE YOU BEING WEAKENED? put an end to it on the weekend.

May 18th, 2016 by Arnold Jago in Family, Lifestyle, sport, Truth, Youth

You could say our society operates by making people addicted — destroying their ability to distinguish right from wrong – while in the process making somebody rich.
Once you get the idea, you see it everywhere.
Trends, not only in sport, but also in politics, foods, entertainment, clothing, hobbies, the words we choose – all are potentially addicting us.
Can the children in your family escape this entrapment?
Next weekend, give the sport etc. a rest — take them to Mass.
Explain to them why they are there — otherwise they might never know. Some so-called religion comes with built-in distractions.
Right and wrong are different — utterly different.
But the difference is inexplicable unless we realise it all has to do with God.
Without him we can do nothing.
Without God we can merely go through various motions, that’s all.

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