ARCHBISHOP PORTEOUS AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN AUSTRALIA: a freedom soon to be ended by the same-sex-marriage brigade?

Catholic Archbishop of Tasmania, Father Julian Porteous, is facing prosecution for distributing a booklet entitled “Don’t mess with Marriage” in Tasmanian Catholic schools.

The booklet explains the Church’s reasons for believing Australia will be best off leaving the legal definition of marriage as in the current Federal Marriage Act — i.e. marriage being a man-plus-woman union.

The complaint has been laid by a “transgender” Greens Party political candidate, on the basis of Section 17 of Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Act, which prohibits “any conduct which offends, humiliates, intimidates, insults or ridicules another person” on the grounds of sexual orientation etc.

If the prosecution succeeds, then in the lead-up to Prime Minister Turnbull’s plebiscite on marriage, no Australian will be able to safely speak out against legalising “same-sex marriage”.

Freedom of speech in Australia will be at an end.

To avoid Australia becoming a totalitarian nation, the federal government has no choice but to over-ride state anti-discrimination laws in so far as they are, in fact, anti-freedom-of speech laws.

Anybody wanting to read exactly the Catholic booklet says can visit:



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