“ALLAHU AKBAR” OR “OUR FATHER”? how then should we relate to God?

Aug 2nd, 2016 by Arnold Jago in Faith, God, Prayer

Some Muslims commit atrocities while crying out “Allahu Akbar”.
It apparently means “Allah is greatest”.
Greatest? That can’t be right.
Muslims passionately profess to believe in only one god.
If so, wouldn’t he be better described as — not “greatest” — but the “only” god.
Jesus Christ taught believers to address God as “Our Father”.
He combined the creator’s uniqueness with a personal and intimate relationship that Islam doesn’t teach.
The lovingness of a Christian’s relationship with his/her God seems unique to Christianity.
It’s a wonderful thought. Surely it’s something every person is looking for, if only they knew it.
Why don’t they know it?
If only Christians’ lives more convincingly bore witness to their sharing in God’s fatherly love….
Today might be a good day for us to start trying a bit harder.

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