A JOBS-BASED RECOVERY? what kind of Jobs?

Mar 24th, 2015 by Arnold Jago in Ethics, Politics, Suffering

Every political party seems to say the same things:

“We’re the party of change.”

“We’re the party for small business.”

“We’re the party to create more jobs.”

Hang on a minute…. Are more jobs good? Always?

Does the local baby want mummy gone to a job (a job not looking after local baby)?

More jobs – spelt as above – are a two-edged sword.

What we do need is more Jobs (spelt with a capital “J”).

As per the Bible. Read the Book of Job. You’ll seldom find a better story.

It’s about re-considering our grievances re God permitting suffering — in the context of God’s almighty goodness.

Also how the only ethics that can change the world are the ethics of Virtue.

Virtues including Faith, Hope, Love, Fortitude, Temperance and Justice. Plus — last-but-not-least — Prudence.

The Prophet Job had these virtues.

We need more Jobs — more people like Job.

Soon, before everybody is blown up or beheaded.

Or falls asleep in front of the TV.



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