Mary MacKillop was an Australian Catholic nun of the 1800s and 1900s.

To Australians of all ages and backgrounds she is a heroine. They love her. But do they really understand her?

Saint Mary MacKillop -- she gave her life to teaching poor children and founded an order of teaching nuns.

Saint Mary MacKillop -- she loved children, she loved justice and she loved God.

Saint Mary MacKillop -- so relevant to today’s world. There is much we can learn from her.

Let’s be sure that it is from the REAL Mary MacKillop that we learn.

Meet the REAL Mary MacKillop. Get a MacKillop’s-eye view of our world. Keep visiting this blog.


THE STATE OF VICTORIA: the inalienable right to kill children now under threat?

The state of Victoria, Australia, has arguably the world’s worst laws regarding abortion.
Unborn Victorian babies may be legally aborted at any stage, right up to the moment of delivery.
The Andrews government seems quite smug about that.
However, Victoria’s Legislative Council is to debate a new Bill — the Infant Viability Bill — to protect babies of more than 20 weeks’ gestation, probably on May 25.
The Bill has been initiated by Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins.
In the USA, in March 2016, the South Carolina Senate passed a similar Bill known as the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, by 36 votes to 9.
Isn’t it about time Victoria modified its laws to something a bit more humane?

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THE GREENS PARTY: declaring war, not in defence of the environment, but in defence of authoritarianism.

The Greens Party has – not one – but two spokespersons dedicated to removing the rights of people trying to live by traditional religious teachings.
There’s a man called the “LGBTI equality spokesman” and a woman called the “gender identity spokeswoman”.
The man told the Guardian (17 May 2016) that “we shouldn’t be giving religious organisations a get-out-of-jail-free card and the right to discriminate”.
In English that means “we shouldn’t be giving religious organisations a get-out-of-jail-free card and the right to practise their religion”.
This man says parents won’t be asked for their permission before teaching their children that sexual/moral behaviours contrary to the family’s religion are OK.
His justification isn’t based on justice or reason but on name-calling.
Some homes, he says, are a “homophobic” environment.


ARE YOU BEING WEAKENED? put an end to it on the weekend.

by Arnold Jago in Family, Lifestyle, sport, Truth, Youth

You could say our society operates by making people addicted — destroying their ability to distinguish right from wrong – while in the process making somebody rich.
Once you get the idea, you see it everywhere.
Trends, not only in sport, but also in politics, foods, entertainment, clothing, hobbies, the words we choose – all are potentially addicting us.
Can the children in your family escape this entrapment?
Next weekend, give the sport etc. a rest — take them to Mass.
Explain to them why they are there — otherwise they might never know. Some so-called religion comes with built-in distractions.
Right and wrong are different — utterly different.
But the difference is inexplicable unless we realise it all has to do with God.
Without him we can do nothing.
Without God we can merely go through various motions, that’s all.


SPORT AND THORT: how it’s done in Australia

by Arnold Jago in Australia, Lifestyle, sport, Youth

If you go to Sunday morning Mass you’ll find the streets fairly deserted.
Yet if you go past a sporting complex, the car park is already full.
And hundreds of children are running about hitting, kicking — and squabbling for possession of — some kind of ball.
They aren’t in Sunday School. Nor at Mass.
Little addicts.
Why not give them a ball each?
Then they could stay at home and spend the day looking at their ball — no need to squabble over it. (But of course their addiction is not to balls. They’re addicted to squabbling.)
They’re being groomed for a life of addictions — if they aren’t addicted, they might start to think.
Worse, they might question the premises on which conventional secular thinking-substitute is based.
Sleep on it.
More on this topic tomorrow.


FREEDOM OF SPEECH: has it reached Tasmania already?

An anti-discrimination complaint by Martine Delaney — a Tasmanian citizen identifying as trans-gender — against Hobart’s Archbishop Julian Porteous, was recently withdrawn.
The archbishop had been distributing a booklet called “Don’t Mess with Marriage”, published by the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, explaining Catholic teaching on marriage and concerned that legally recognising same-sex “marriage” would reinforce the “right” of such couples to adopt children.
Giving such children no opportunity to bond with a mother and a father – a situation best avoided if possible.
Delaney said that, conciliation arranged by Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner having failed, the next step, a tribunal hearing, would be too “long and drawn out”.
So Australia’s bishops are now free to distribute the booklet.
However, some bishops, more wishy-washy than Archbishop Porteous, weren’t distributing it anyway, despite its official status.
Delaney may feel pleased that the cause of shutting the Church up is succeeding, despite its obligation to speak out.
The Second Vatican Council insisted that, although the Church’s role is religious, not political, nevertheless out of its religious role comes “a function, a light and an energy which can serve to structure and consolidate the human community according to the divine law”. (GS, 42)
Archbishop Porteous was doing his job. All the bishops should do likewise.


“GAY” STUDIES AT PRE-SCHOOL? tiny tots as potentially-groomable political footballs?

Beware. They are after your child.
Consider Kylie Smith, apparently “a Melbourne University research fellow” and “contributor to the education curriculum in Victoria”, who wants children studying “gay issues” at pre-school. **
She is peeved with current early education representing gender and sexuality as “fixed” rather than “fluid and changing”.
She’s a bit of a worry.
A worse worry is federal education minister, Simon Birmingham, observing that “advocacy and activism has no role in school-based programs”.
The words of a true politician – untruth carefully blended with fence-sitting.
Education is all about advocacy (of good rather than evil) and activism (reinforcing the good).
Neither research fellows nor politicians are famous for believing in such a thing as good and evil.
For them emotivism trumps rationality every time.
Good is what you feel good about.
Objective good, for them, doesn’t exist.

(** The Weekend Australian, May 1)