Mary MacKillop was an Australian Catholic nun of the 1800s and 1900s.

To Australians of all ages and backgrounds she is a heroine. They love her. But do they really understand her?

Saint Mary MacKillop -- she gave her life to teaching poor children and founded an order of teaching nuns.

Saint Mary MacKillop -- she loved children, she loved justice and she loved God.

Saint Mary MacKillop -- so relevant to today’s world. There is much we can learn from her.

Let’s be sure that it is from the REAL Mary MacKillop that we learn.

Meet the REAL Mary MacKillop. Get a MacKillop’s-eye view of our world. Keep visiting this blog.


FREEDOM AND “GAY” MARRIAGE: Some freedoms are more free than others. Watch out!

A lot of well-meaning people oppose “gay marriage”.

Some give their reason as it being a “distraction from the real issues”.

Wrong. Fighting against laws that would change the definition of marriage is a real issue — a very real issue.

If the legal definition of marriage is changed the way the lobbyists want – lots of other definitions will be changed.

The meanings of freedom of speech, what a family is, what education is, what freedom of religion means, what rights parents have, what rights children have – all changed pretty much out of existence.

Countries like Canada (which legalised same-sex marriage in 2005) have lost all kinds of freedoms which Australia might consider trying to salvage.

Hundreds of examples on the Net.

Check this:


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This week (August 23-30) is National Op Shop Week: the slogan being “Op till you Drop”.

Everybody can do something to help.

Like giving something you don’t need any more to your nearest op shop. (Only stuff in a good enough condition that you’d be happy to give to a friend or family member)

Or buying something there. Whatever money you spend will go to the charity concerned. You will have helped a worthy cause.

* * *

The St Vincent de Paul Society, for example, has 620 “Vinnies” shops around Australia.

The people serving in the shop are volunteers, so practically all income goes straight into their good works.

Last year they assisted 1.3 million people.

Including two million hot meals, 365,000 bed nights — plus more than $9 million worth of household items, furniture, clothing etc. to people coming for assistance.

More info at




THE “ULURU PETITION” ABOUT TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE: from Aboriginal elders to the Australian government

A group of Aboriginal elders has presented a petition to the Australian Government regarding proposals to change the legal definition of marriage to include same-sex couples.

The petition reads (translated into English):

“To the Prime Minister and the Parliament from the Aboriginal People of Australia and being undersigned by members of the (40-odd listed names of tribes) tribes and people groups, representing the Aboriginal People of Australia, hereby declare:

“The Aboriginal People of Australia are the original inhabitants and the first Nation people of this great southern land Australia.

“Our continuing cultures and traditions are 1000s of years old and are recognised as the oldest on Earth.

“Although Aboriginal People come together as one nation through many different self-governing language and kinship groups with unique cultures and traditions, the sanctity of marriage between man and woman continues to be held in honour among all.

“Our Fathers and Mothers are also honoured and form the foundation of our families, clans and systems, and pass down our teachings, our culture, our traditions, from generation to generation.

“It is therefore an affront to the Aboriginal People of Australia to suggest another definition of marriage.

“The Aboriginal people of Australia recognise the Prime Minister and Parliament as a governing body and strongly calls upon the Parliament to reject any attempt to redefine the institution of marriage, and in doing so, Honour the sanctity of both the tradition of marriage and the spiritual implication of this sacred union.”

(More details plus a petition to sign at:





Victoria’s government schools are to cancel class-time religious instruction from 2016?

To be replaced, they say, by new content on world cultures, faiths and ethics — plus compulsory classes about domestic violence and “respectful relationships”.

Religion out, Utilitarian ideology in?

Children will hear how respect for others is desirable, not because the others are our brothers and sisters, children of the same Father (God) . . . .

No, that’s out of fashion.

The reason to be nice, they’ll be told, is so that then others will be nice to us.

Maximum happiness for everyone.

Unfortunately that idea has had no credibility since the human race started being selfish — which is a long time ago.

People won’t stop being careless of the needs of others without a logical motive to do so.

Leave God out and you’re left with an ethical vacuum.



SEXUAL “COMMUNITIES”: confusing the issues big-time.

What’s this “LGBTI community” we keep hearing about?

It isn’t a community, is it?

If anything, it would have to be at least three communities.

1. being “Lesbian”, “Gay” or “Bisexual” — these are behavioural issues.

2. being “Trans-gender” is a psychological issue — wanting to be perceived as being of one sex, while having a basically normal body of the opposite sex.

3. being “Intersex” is a body issue – having a body neither unambiguously male nor female.

The “LGB” group need help with their behaviour.

The “T” group need psychological help to adjust to reality.

The ”I” group may need either chemical or surgical treatment — or nothing — as decided on a case-by-case basis.

Lumping all these people into one “community” has no basis in reality.

It seems more of a political ploy or gambit.



“MARRIAGE EQUALITY”: are all involved equally equal?

by Arnold Jago in Family, Justice, Politics, Truth

The “marriage-equality” catchphrase addresses only one aspect of the subject.

A key part of the “equality” is equal access to parenting children.

If such parenting results in a damaging environment for the growing child, then the perceived rights of the adults are invalidated.

Common sense suggests this will be a real problem.

Here’s a book which tells how it was for one such child — it can be ordered online: